Success Stories from Past Students

The group coaching calls and support/feedback from Erin was really helpful. I wasn’t even able to attend the group coaching calls live, but I still found a lot of value in the replay and questions were answered that I didn’t even realize I had!

I’ve had an idea to start a business like this for 2 years now and just never knew how to really start. I’ve been doing work for someone for two years and realized through this program that I am a VA for his business. Now I have the confidence with my previous career experience and this work experience to offer clients. The Start gave me the foundation I needed that I couldn’t figure out on my own to really start a business as a VA.


Sara and Erin are both so positive and insightful and I love the confidence they speak with! I have a much clearer path of how to convert my skills into a VA business with more flexibility and I’m excited for what’s to come.

It was super helpful learning about all the different softwares and programs that are great to use for a VA business. I found the group coaching calls were great to get questions answered or to just get some positive energy and a push in the right direction again if you’re feeling lost or overwhelmed. The templates that we were provided were also amazing! I gained so much knowledge and increased my confidence with this program.

I startedThe Start with nothing besides knowing my experience- so I feel like I gained a ton of knowledge through the program. I really loved the one-pager and retainer information and found the masterclasses super helpful!

The guidance and support in The Start is exceptional! I found the detail of Sara and Erin’s content and calls to be well executed and full of information and I feel like all the bases were covered with the modules and bonuses provided.

After completing The Start, I have an actual PLAN for my business now. I have a workflow, I have structure, I have confidence in bringing on clients and retaining them because of the way this program has prepped me to run a successful, professional business.

I loved everything about The Start! The masterclasses were especially helpful and I love the matchmaking component. I gained so much knowledge, confidence, and excitement!

I feel like the layout of The Start helped me work through things step by step and not make it all feel overwhelming. It gave me knowledge and confidence and now I have a very clear understanding of what I want my business to be and how to get it there.

The amount of information and how it was delivered during the program was perfect. It was broken up into bite size pieces and that added up to a huge result at the end for me. 

The confidence boost the program provided me was so helpful. I have had imposter syndrome about starting this business and The Start has shown me that I am well equipped to excel right now and it really helped me bring my business to life.

The Start really gave me the time to self reflect on my skill set and how to market that to potential clients. I now have the knowledge and the necessary components to be a successful Virtual Assistant!

The Start helped me establish a structure, plan, mission, vision, goals, and non-negotiables without shame. It provided me with business knowledge that’s actually useful without too much “fluff” and platform knowledge from the bonus content tutorials. I feel confident and motivated for my next steps!

I loved how the assignments were so helpful but didn’t take up a bunch of time or commitment. I enjoyed all of Sara’s expertise and the daily videos/lessons. The Start gave me confidence, motivation and excitement to begin my journey as a VA!

The information itself was so helpfully laid out and easy to digest. I now have a clear picture of my service offerings (including a services and a rates package page) and have been able to connect with the one client I did submit interest for in the form of a lead through Sara. I have my discovery call with them tomorrow!

The Start gave me knowledge and confidence. I’m now owning my value and know what I have to offer to clients. I signed 1 client in Week 5, and signed my second client one week post course completion!

The Start helped me realize my past skills could be used to work for myself and being a young mom that is what I currently need and want! I now have the right info to start my business and know my worth and skill set. I now have 1 client and I’m excited to grow more.

The program provided me with the knowledge of building a business and the information needed to start it. I feel like The Start helped me learn more about myself and what I can do. I loved the leads through the matchmaking program!

Each module in the program had great info and the trainings were extremely helpful. Sara and her team have such confidence in “us” and it’s so reassuring! I’ve now got the backend of my business setup and know I can do this!

I gained so much confidence and knowledge through The Start. I loved the Dubsado training! But not just the tutorial. The contract, the canned emails, the questionnaires, the workflows, Onboard packet idea, scheduler links, & the professionalism behind the set up as a whole. I now feel like I truly belong in the VA space!

The Start helped me to feel more confident, know my worth and what I can bring to my clients. I really loved the course work provided, the VA training bank, the various templates provided, and the group coaching calls!

I really loved how the program started with determining our foundations of WHY we wanted to start our own Virtual Assistant business. It was so helpful how The Start provided guidance on how to set up my contracts/forms/systems that I know will help to make my business run smoothly. I’m excited to sign my first client!

This program is very thorough. A lot of programs will just give you the information, but Sara and her team really break it down by giving you examples, homework, brainstorming tools, and how-to’s for EVERYTHING! I now feel more confident in my abilities and knowledge of tools to progress my business. I had my first discovery call and looking forward to more!

The Start gave me the confidence in running the backend of my business and how to make it simple. I loved how the program identified possible VA services and how to present them to potential clients even without a website.

I signed 2 paying clients during the program!

The Start gave me the confidence to start my business and really helped me to realize how my existing skills can transfer to VA skills. I loved the group coaching calls and the extra support from Support Coach Erin!

The group coaching calls were so great! I also loved the daily little bits of information. It made the program so doable. Since completing The Start, I feel like I know my offerings and have my business organized. I’m so excited for my discovery call coming up!

I really loved the VA Training bank that was provided with The Start! I was able to learn several new platforms and feel confident to be able to offer my services on those platforms. I also learned how to feel confident on a discovery call and even landed my first client!

The program helped me to build my confidence to KNOW I CAN do this business and be successful.

The Start really gave me all the steps to build a successful business! It provided me with confidence and helped me to realize the skills I already possessed that will transfer to my VA business. I now have the foundation of a business that I can continue to grow!

Having Sara break down The Start into such bite sized bits was so helpful and took all the overwhelm out. I learned so many new things such as all about boundaries and how to find my skill set.

I signed up for The Start for so many reasons, and it delivered! I did not have a business when I started this program. I am someone who wants to have everything figured out when I commit to something as big as starting my own business. Yet, something about the live call Q&A with Erin and Sara, before I signed up, signaled to me this was the real deal. 

I was so ready to build a source of income that serves my life. So, I prepared myself to fully trust the process and commit to the 6 weeks. The Start cut through the noise of what not to waste my time doing. The Start truly guided me through what I should be investing my time and energy in (one day at a time) in order to start a profitable business from 0 to 1 paying client!

By the time I took my first discovery call, I was crystal clear on why I was starting a VA business, my own non-negotiables, owning my transferable skills and value, and the confidence I can learn the things I don’t already know as I go. 

Even something as small as the pre/post-discovery call ritual was golden. My shoot for the moon goal is to be able to give notice to my current full-time employer by February 2023, and if not, I’m confident I’ll land among the stars by April 2023. Before The Start, I had a dream to have autonomy over my time and location, now I have a pathway and the confidence to make it my reality.


I 100% went from literal ground zero to being ready to accept paying clients with The Start.

The program provided me with the knowledge to be successful in this business and have confidence in my value. I loved the shared templates with the course work, the bonus modules, the group calls and the leads through the matchmaking service.

When I first began The Start, I had no business and no idea how to begin. I loved the group coaching calls, the bite sized pieces of information delivered daily, and the leads with the matchmaking service. They were all so helpful! Now that I’ve completed the program I feel like I have all the information I need to do this thing and how my skills can translate to the online space. I’m excited and ready to sign my first client!

The Start provided me with knowledge, insight, new ideas, and confidence in starting my business. The group coaching calls and sharing of practical experiences was so valuable!

It was so great how easily digestible the info was in The Start. I loved the live coaching calls and the additional resources and support during the program. Before I began, I wasn’t sure of what could happen but thanks to the knowledge I received, the increase in confidence and conviction that I can do this, I now know I need to do this for myself and I can make this happen!

The Start helped so much with setting up the back end of my business so I could start taking clients with no question. It gave me the confidence to take discovery calls early on and the knowledge of how to run my business. I signed 2 clients in week 5!

I loved the support given in The Start. Every question I had was answered and so much knowledge was gained. With the program. I began feeling like I COULD get to where I wanted and I know I’m already on track and it’s really going to happen for me. I feel organized and I’m not overworking and hustling like I was – I’m setting boundaries and enjoying my life while also starting a business. I feel balanced now!

By the end of The Start, I signed a new client as an OBM, and hit my 30 day goal before it had been 30 days! I’m on track to hit my 6 month goal too!


I really appreciated all the words of wisdom given by Sara + Erin throughout the program. I wasn’t able to attend the group coaching calls live, so I loved having the replays accessible to watch when convenient!

I have never felt more motivated than I have after completing The Start. The support was so great. Sara is extremely motivating and I love how transparent she is with everything! It’s a huge reason why I took that leap to join The Start. Erin is AMAZING! She has answered all my questions and has been a great support system for me throughout the program. I’ve been matched with a few leads and looking forward to getting my first client!

My favorite parts of The Start were the first 3 modules + the support from Sara and Erin in and outside of the group coaching calls. Oh, and the matchmaking program! 

The program gave me the confidence to put myself out there and to not be afraid to fail or make mistakes! Also, the knowledge of how my current skills can transfer to my VA business. I booked my first discovery call, woo!


I loved everything about The Start! The group coaching calls were so helpful and I really loved the bonus classes – they were essential. The program provided me with so much knowledge and confidence and I now have a clear vision on how much I want to charge, how many hours I want to work, etc. I even set up my LLC!

The information provided in The Start was valuable and provided results. Sara and Erin are truly genuine and only want you to succeed. I cannot say enough good things about this program. I have learned SO much information in just 6 weeks! From Contracts, to Asana, to Dubsado, the list goes on. I feel I have a solid understanding and foundation moving forward in creating my own Virtual Assistant Business.

The support I received in The Start was so great! I had no idea how much the group coaching calls would actually mean to me, even with just watching the replays. It is reassuring knowing others are going through the same struggles as you. After completing the program, I would say I am definitely more confident in my abilities and  I have learned so much just doing the bonuses. I’ve had two discovery calls through Sara’s matchmaking service and hoping for my first client soon!

The Start helped me gain a whole lot of knowledge and confidence that I CAN have my own VA business. It helped me figure out what existing skills I have that I can start bringing to the table in this new endeavor. I’m excited to get it going and off the ground!

The Start encouraged me to truly own my value and believe in myself as I start to grow my business.

I enjoyed the no fluff, get to the point information and the downloadable worksheets with the modules.

I have already been connected to 10 clients through the matchmaking service, and signed 3 clients so far! I am confident I’ll get more and hope to continue to build my roster with the matchmaking service which is SO great!

I started out not knowing a single thing about what I was doing as a VA. The Start gave me the foundation that I NEEDED to get organized and start working with clients professionally.

I went from helping a few friends to 4 retainer clients, I made back my investment within a month of completing my week 6 module.

Sara and Erin are amazing, the amount of wisdom and experience they pass on, is phenomenal! I highly recommend The Start, especially if you’re like me and not sure where to begin!

The mindset shift I made after completing The Start was huge!

I began the program with no business and ended it feeling confident in myself with starting and running my own VA business. The bonus trainings and the group coaching calls were great. I even managed to land a discovery call through the matchmaking service!

The resources and support throughout the program were great. I feel like Sara and her team provided exactly what was necessary to get the framework in place to start a VA business. I’m still working on landing my first client, but feel I have established great time management and setting boundaries for myself. 

The bite sized lessons that gave me time to process and implement the information were the most valuable part for me during The Start. I finally understand how my existing skills will transfer to the VA space and how to go from finding clients to working with them. I started from scratch, and now feel like I have what I need to get started!

My favorite things about The Start were having help determining my skill set, the group calls, bonuses, and the assistance with leads. I gained so much knowledge and CONFIDENCE with the program. I went from zero to actually starting a Virtual Assisting business and that was a big step for me!

I really enjoyed the step-by-step actions of The Start. It was laid out so simple and it was easy to follow. The group coaching calls and help via email from Support Coach Erin were incredible! After completing the program, I learned how to use Dubsado and set myself up for a business with boundaries.

I’ve also now maxed out my client capacity and reached beyond my initial financial goal!

There were a lot of tools I found useful in the program. Specifically learning about invoicing, taxes, and a lot of the bonus content. I’m still working on getting my business going, but I gained a lot of knowledge about becoming a VA through my time in The Start.

I am so grateful for your program giving me the confidence to get started! I feel like The Start literally laid out all the things I needed to begin and gave me clarity on what exactly I want for myself as a VA and how to set boundaries in my business. There were so many valuable resources. I really liked that it is self paced and that I have lifetime access to the information. 

I literally just launched a week ago, have signed 2 clients and have 2 very promising discovery calls today who will hopefully sign as well!! I have learned so much from the START and the SOURCE community and am so excited for this journey and what is to come!


The community, the near-instant access to questions answered and real-time problem solving from Sara and Erin were my favorite parts of The Start. Erin was always available, and went above and beyond on feedback and course material review/assistance.

During the program I was able to solidify my retainer model, update my website, my bio, and added a service page. I’m more confident in the services I can offer, and I’m motivated to get my business systems back on track!

I’m a visual learner so it was really great to have Sara’s videos breaking down each topic and the worksheets to accompany the lessons. The program really helped me own my value and boosted my confidence!

After completing The Start, I have moved from a freelancer to a business owner! I have been freelancing for two years, and during The Start, I realized that I was undercharging clients. I just picked up a client last week and I was able to charge them almost double what I have been charging in the past. And guess what? The company was completely okay with my pricing!

I loved so many things about The Start, but the direct support and being able to always reach out with questions was my favorite. There was so much valuable information given and the live calls were so helpful. With the program, I was able to build a solid foundation. I had absolutely no clue where to begin before I started and I am so much more confident that I can have the balanced life that I need to be there for myself and my family.

The videos and the coursework for The Start are super helpful. Since going through the program, I now understand my direction better and am wrapping my head around the type of clients I need to be successful.

I found a sense of community with The Start and the coaching calls were absolutely amazing. It was great to have that direct line of communication with not just Sara and Erin but with the rest of the cohort as well. Going through the program brought me so much knowledge of what to expect in the VA space, owning my skills and realizing the difference between a seemingly daunting task and one that just requires work, creativity and a call to action.

Having taken a lot of courses, this one was by far the most helpful. I appreciated the way the weeks were broken down and built upon each other. The templates and walk through videos, the support with Erin and the live group calls were all so amazing.

This course actually delivered in terms of getting me ready to take actions and start getting clients. So many promise you that but are not actually set up for success. The bonuses, templates, and support in reviewing our so-that statement and services were valuable beyond measure. I kept getting stuck on those pieces prior to this course but turns out I just needed someone to bounce my ideas off of. Erin was so great and responsive, and Sara’s energy and openness on the group calls helped make you feel less crazy and instilled confidence.

I booked one discovery call from one of the matchmaking leads, which allowed me to get my questionnaire and email templates done. I know my next clients are out there and thanks to the course I feel set up to receive them!


The Start was a total confidence booster. Every question I had or thought of was answered along the way. I loved learning how many skills I already have that could benefit my VA business. I started this program with nothing and have now grown my business to the point where I can put myself out there and feel confident to take on my first client.

My favorite part of The Start is how Sara broke down everything into smaller learnings and walked you through how to do each template, worksheet, and area of your business.

I liked the bonus lessons too where she taught us how to work in different systems. I now have my one sheet ready to go and I understand more platforms and ways to make my business set up for success. I’m excited to grow!

I really loved the worksheets, and every real life example Sara gave in her videos during the program. The coaching calls were a great way to see how other people are using the material as well. My goal is to sign on 3 clients by September, and I feel ready to hit the ground running in order to meet that goal because of the confidence and assurance from the program. I booked one discovery call through the matchmaking program, and even though it didn’t work out, I feel way more confident in my ability to run discovery calls!

I learned SO much with The Start and it wasn’t overwhelming. I loved the bite sized lessons that pieced everything together. For example, the one sheet could have been overwhelming but we literally did one piece of it a day and then at the end of the week put it all together. It was great!

After completing the program, I feel equipped to dive into the VA world and have gotten all my ducks in a row to get started (LLC, business bank account, bookkeeping software, etc). I’ve had 1 discovery call so far and another one booked!


During the program, I really enjoyed the technical demonstrations on systems like Asana and getting a social strategy in place. It’s wild to think I have real business now. From knowing where and how to direct my outreach to implementing a stellar follow up system, I have the tools to find a client from beginning to end now. I also now know all about invoicing and have all the tools to actually run a successful business!

I loved The Start! It was so amazing to have Sara and her team accessible to us to answer questions. I’m just starting out with my business and working on booking discovery calls. Excited for what’s to come!

What was valuable about The Start? It ALL was incredibly valuable! The 100% A+ Support from Erin, the templates, the masterclass bonuses, the group calls + Sara’s support + inspiration, and the clear concise lessons that were easy to understand. 

Before the program, I had no business. It was just a dream! Now I have the foundations of my own business and am working with my first client and growing quickly.


The week-by-week setup of The Start was so great. I learned so much about the legal side, taxes and what I needed to really set up a successful business. The opportunity to receive the leads through the matchmaking service is so great and helpful for practicing discovery calls. 

Since completing the program, I now have an official biz that I have started and feel confident to start signing clients!


The Start really gave me a better idea of what I want my business to look like and a better understanding of how I can make that happen. I loved the feedback and assistance from Sara and support coach Erin. It was fantastic! I’ve had several Discovery calls and have signed with 2 clients. I have been very picky when choosing the clients I talk with and support and I would not have had the confidence to do that if it wasn’t for this amazing program!

I am so happy that I found Sara and The Start program. It has been so freakin helpful and Sara really gives you everything you need to get going with your VA business. Like just so many little details that I would have never thought about! Discovery calls, templates, legal, bookkeeping, all the different platforms and so many different scenarios that could come up along the way.

Sara is just always being real and she shows you how you are in charge of your business, and you can actually do what feels good to you and works for your life.

I am just forever grateful for THE START and am already in the SOURCE and cannot wait to grow my business. Thank you :)

The START was incredible, the course had a great flow and was very easy to understand. In the course, the work was split into 30-40min tasks each day. Sara and Erin were amazing through this, I received the best support to become confident that I could start this virtual assistance business.

 After completing the program, I now have the knowledge and confidence to dive in and have a foundation for my business. Even better, I have completed two discovery calls and now have two great clients.

I loved everything about The Start, but I especially loved having access to Sara and Erin for questions! This program really upped my confidence, helped me recognize my transferable skills, and provided the right info for me in a condensed form.

Before the program I didn’t have a business and now I’ve landed my first client and have a real VA business!

I thought it was so helpful that The Start taught us about social media for your business, provided us with great templates and gave us a thorough breakdown of Asana. Since completing, I now have the confidence to do discovery calls and know what I’m talking about! I also have landed my first client and joined The Source!

My favorite part of The Start was the group calls! It was interesting hearing from some individuals who are established vs. those of us just starting out. The Start really helped me to build out a resume of offerings and structure how to build out my business. I have no clients YET, but because of the program I have a plan of attack on how I can make sure I’m ready for when I get that first lucky one!

I love how The Start provided us with the info of various programs to use and templates to assist us in different situations. I’m still working on getting clients but I believe since completing the program I’ve gained more confidence and knowledge and the foundation of my business has been built. I would definitely recommend this program!

I really liked that The Start broke down all aspects of a One Sheet by helping me figure out what I am able to offer & and how to present those offerings to clients.  Now my business is more than just an idea because this program has helped me set a foundation to move forward.

I am so glad I made the investment with the Start! The 5-10 minute pieces of homework every day during the program were great! I loved having the info condensed. After completing the program, The Start gave me a clearer vision of what I want and the confidence to start my own business!

My favorite parts of the program were the matchmaking and the ability to get feedback from seasoned VA’s. It’s priceless!

Since completing The Start, I am now more confident in my ability to offer OBM services on an ongoing basis for clients instead of just Done For You services that are one and done. I solidified boundaries for myself and my family, and I have more confidence in my abilities and in charging appropriately for my services. I also have several prospective clients now and have made new networking connections that I look forward to growing over the next several months.


The most valuable things to me about The Start were two things: 1. Building a foundation that included mindset training and 2. All the resources (templates and leads). 

Without this course I believe I would have fallen into the trap of building a 9-5 from home and becoming my clients employee. The course took me step-by-step to remember my WHY and create the vision of the life I am trying to build.

Since completing the program, I signed with my first client and I have strong foundational templates that I used to organize and start my business.


I loved how the information in The Start was so bite sized! It helped the program to not feel overwhelming and the tasks were very doable. Also, the lead sharing program is SO valuable!

The Start helped me learn how to set up my CRM, and although I do not have clients yet, I had the confidence to reach out to 2 leads! My business really went from an idea to a reality!


I was 3 months postpartum with my 2nd baby and so burned out from working as a nurse the last 10 years, I was dreading the idea of working my MLM gig in order to make somewhat of an income from home.

As someone who was a big newbie to the online workspace and virtual assisting world, I learned so much and never felt silly asking what I thought was a dumb question. The lead sharing part of Sara’s program is so valuable… I made my investment back within the first month of finishing the program. I have never had to market myself whatsoever outside of Sara’s referral system and even landed my first client before the end of The Start.

I am now fully booked in less than 2 months after being sent my first lead and have created a stable & dependable monthly income!

If you’re reading this and on the fence about it – just do it! Being successful in this is totally attainable if you show up, complete the lessons/worksheets and are motivated to get out of the box you’re currently in. There is a huge market for VA’s with the way the online space is growing… I even had to turn down 2 people in person during casual conversation when they asked what I do for work!

I’m seriously obsessed with this new work-life balance I have achieved with the help of Sara & Erin – I WILL NEVER clock in under someone else ever again or have to work on a holiday because my time off request got denied! Oh and did I mention my most recent client is paying me the same hourly wage I made as a nurse?! How cool is that?!

Thanks to The Start I have my first discovery call EVER scheduled for next week! My business was non-existent when I began, but thanks to this program I feel excited to build the business that works for my life in any stage of life that I’m in. Sara teaches us how to make things work for ourselves, so I feel confident making adjustments as life happens. I am so grateful for The Start’s detailed information that helps me determine what to focus on and how to make things happen.

As someone who tends to research myself into an information overload, I NEEDED this weekly delivery of important information and action steps that I could start taking.  I felt like I was getting great advice from a long time friend who has “been there, done that”. It really helped with the anxiety that I felt about deciding to start my own VA business.

And even though life hit like a ton of bricks during the very first week of the program, The Start was simple enough for me to follow amidst the chaos.  This program is a game changer for me.

Nika Harris

The Start is exactly that, a great start to a made for you career. You learn how to set yourself up for continual growth and the only thing in your way is YOU! The investment seems so great when you’re nervous about results, but I made back my investment twofold after just two months! The program was so easy to follow and fit into my busy schedule.

From NOTHING to THRIVING! I started as a very scared 9 to 5er nervous about the unknown and now I can actually say, I. AM. A. VA! I started receiving client leads as early as week 3!

By week 5, and only after my 2nd Discovery Call, I had a signed (PAID) client! By the end of that week, I had my 2nd client!

They are both dream clients that I never would have met without The Start.  The program gave me such confidence and Sara gave me the encouragement I needed to keep pushing forward and not selling myself short!

The information provided in The Start was crazy valuable and I absolutely loved how it wasn’t all thrown at us full force. The way it’s broken up into small bits each day makes it more realistic to take in! The program provided me with an abundance of useful knowledge that can be applied to making my business successful in real time!

The Start provided such a clear framework on how to start from the ground up and use my transferable skills. I loved the lessons on pricing/packages and establishing clear boundaries. All the bonus trainings were super helpful along with the group calls and the leads are awesome!!!

After completing the program, I’ve got the basics set up, I’ve started my social media account and I’m on my way to signing my first client!

The Start provided great step-by-step instructions to get started and I felt so much more organized and confident after. I really learned how to own my value and since completing the program, I’ve signed my first client!

I loved all of the templates  and program breakdowns that were provided in The Start. It was helpful to have the course broken up into daily bits so we could really focus on the material of the day and learn to incorporate it. I now feel more confident in my abilities as a VA and prepared for when I land my first client. 


The Start is truly an incredible resource all around. The program helped me create a functional business and build my confidence! The bonus trainings, especially the Asana and Dubsado ones, were incredibly helpful and valuable.

I love how The Start provided guidance around setting up the foundations for a VA business and having leads come in after week 3. I also liked that I was able to get homework feedback from Support Coach Erin.

Since starting and completing the program, I’ve booked 3 discovery calls and secured 2 new clients!

My favorite part of The Start were the leads from the matchmaking service. That is so valuable! The program has provided me with knowledge and confidence as well as showing me how my skills are transferable. Since completing The Start, I have one client, one discovery call booked, and one lead!

As a new VA, The Start was so valuable. I loved the group calls and being able to ask questions, and it’s great getting the leads! The discovery call masterclass as well as the other discovery call class both gave tons of key points to help lay out a successful call with potential clients.

Since completing the program, I now know my value and the skills I have to offer in this business!

The Start… where do I start?! Going in, I didn’t really know what to expect. I’ve taken a lot of courses that were just “fluff” and to be honest, I was worried this would be like that too. But! I WAS SO WRONG. The Start is not fluff at all. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. In the program, Sara speaks in such a clear and concise way that is easily understandable. She kind of “dumbs it down” (for lack of a better term) for us baby VA’s without making us feel dumb – if that makes sense. She teaches in a way to help you gain knowledge and empower you. Sara meets you where you’re at and gives appropriate advice for the stage of business you’re in. You can tell she truly cares and wants you to do well and succeed! You’re not just “another number” to her.

After completing The Start, I now have a solid foundation of knowing how to run a VA business. What I needed the most help with was knowing how to run the back end of my business to make it more professional (vs the winging it I was doing before) and gaining more confidence to know what I’m worth and pricing my services accordingly. I love the way that the modules were split into bite size pieces and the group coaching calls were GOLD!!

So thankful I came across Sara’s account on Instagram and that I took the leap of faith and trusted her. My business is forever changed.

The Start provided me with a great wealth of information to help start my VA business. I found it all very useful and it helped boost my confidence knowing that I can do this and I’m not the only one out there who needed help to really begin. What I found most valuable was the weekly information given and the group zoom calls!

The Start program is packed FULL of value! The information is straight to the point, no fluff, and you can get all of the work done in a timely manner. The coaching calls, bonuses, and matchmaking make it so worth the money! Sara layouts a great roadmap for social media, making it so clear and understandable, and easy to implement. 

Since completing the program, I feel like I have so much more knowledge of the industry and I’m feeling more confident in my pricing. I’ve also gotten a ton of leads through the matchmaking service!

I’ve looked into other programs and I think this one, by far, is the best because the content matches the price! It is well worth it.


Without The Start, I would not have had any idea what steps to take to start a VA business.

The foundations of this course have really given me the confidence that starting an actual VA business is a reality for me.

I’ve gained lots of knowledge not only in the program but in the bonus trainings as well!

I love the way The Start was laid out and the information given in the program. I feel like I am now truly owning my value and have an increase in confidence. I also now have better boundaries and have begun charging more for my services!

The Start is an amazing program no matter where you are in your business. I loved the worksheets! I printed all of them and used them for additional deep thought after the sessions. My confidence has grown significantly. I can see and feel the difference, but it’s also communicated to the clients because I’ve been booking more discovery calls recently. 

Before beginning, I had clients and had a comfortable recurring revenue coming in, but in the past 6 weeks my business has transformed. I’ve been able to get in front of ideal clients, I’ve become more comfortable in posting on my own social media, and I have actually started posting more content.

I’ve also had 2 clients sign contracts that came from the matchmaking service and another call me back yesterday to move forward. These 3 clients alone added an extra $2500 monthly!!


The Start was amazing! The support was second to none and having Sara reply in person to questions made me feel really valued. I loved feeling part of a community, being supported, not feeling stupid for asking questions and helping me realise my value.

Because of this program, I now have my first paying client and knowledge and confidence on how to set up my VA business!


I loved the setup of The Start and the group calls! With the help of the program, I now feel like I have so much more knowledge of programs and tasks and confidence in my business. I’ve signed on 2 clients and am excited to continue growing!

When I first began The Start, I had no clients and was unsure how to start my business, but the program really helped me increase my confidence in my business. I especially loved the group coaching calls and leads through Sara’s matchmaking service. 

During the program, I was able to book 2 discovery calls that converted to 2 paying clients! Within my first month of business I was able to bring on two additional paying clients. 

The knowledge that I received as part of this course is invaluable!


The Start was one of the most valuable courses I’ve ever taken! I loved the simplicity and clear messaging of the program as well as the 5 minutes per day structure as it gave me something to look forward to before work every day. 

The Start helped me have a clear direction and path in front of me and how to get focused on how I want to proceed in my business. The tangible results I had were NOT taking on a few clients who wouldn’t have aligned with my area of expertise.

I’m much more confident now that I have what it takes to run a successful business and I also feel more comfortable setting boundaries!


I loved everything about the Start! I especially loved how we weren’t taught how to do Sara’s business, but we were given the framework and then had to apply our own thoughts to it.

Since completing the program, I feel like I have a great business structure in place and the confidence to know what the next step in my business process is.

I also have solid systems in place now for when I bring on clients and I have a strategy with social media and discovery calls. I’ve signed my first client and have a few more discovery calls scheduled!


The Start helped me feel super clear about how my existing skills transfer to run a successful VA business. I now feel like I have the confidence in knowing what VA services are right for me and my business and having the confidence to set my rate. The worksheets and the week where we discussed offers and prices were some of my favorite parts!

Since completing The Start, I am more determined than ever to be more efficient and build better systems in my business. I’ve signed on one client and will begin onboarding the second in the next week!


I love how The Start was straight forward, informative, and relatable. Sara is a wonderful teacher who took us through a process that really allowed me to hone in on my skills and create offerings that feel authentic to me. The Start did a wonderful job showing me how to tailor my business to work for ME! It was so eye opening to learn more about the online business space and how it doesn’t matter what “skills you have now” because those can always be learned. 

Since completing the program, I have signed my FIRST client. I love that Sara offers the matchmaking service to her students. It makes such a HUGE difference when first starting out!

I also created an informative 1-pager that includes all my offers! This allowed me to get on my feet ASAP without building a website first.

I tend to live in this “it must be perfect” world and taking this course has allowed me to find perfection in the imperfect. My business is unique to me and there is no “copy paste” solution if I want to ensure my business works for my lifestyle.


The weekly lessons  for The Start were easy to follow and so many resources were provided. I think the cost for the value was a steal! I loved the group coaching calls even though I couldn’t attend live. I even signed a client before the course was finished, and still have leads rolling in!

The program gave me the confidence to actually start my own business, encouragement to know I wasn’t alone and other people are doing this.

I could continue to sit on the sidelines or take action to make this business a reality, and The Start gave me the actionable plan that I needed.


The Start taught me about building a virtual assisting business from the ground up. Prior to taking the course, I did not have a business and wasn’t confident enough to get started. Having all information condensed and taking actionable steps in small pieces was extremely helpful for me. It didn’t feel overwhelming to begin this journey into the virtual assisting world and thanks to The Start I feel confident and hopeful I will land a clients and build my business.

The coaching calls were definitely helpful. There were a few times that I had really specific questions and Sara was able to answer them during the live calls even though I was not able to attend. Even though I was part of a group cohort for The Start, I felt supported by Sara. 

Thanks to Sara’s matchmaking service available to all The Start students, I was able to land 2 discovery calls thus far from her network. I have loved getting practice and experience under my belt!


What I loved most about The Start was Sara’s energy and the way she made everything seem clear and easy to understand. I felt like each week I not only learned and understood more, but I got a shot of motivational encouragement to go along with it. 

I appreciate the time and energy that Sara puts into this course and how genuine her engagement is. It never felt like once we signed up/paid for the course we were on our own. I appreciated that very much. I was also repeatedly blown away by how much knowledge and information Sara has and is willing to share and give. She has the answer to any question readily available and it is always so spot on. I love how she thinks and how her brain works!

When I began The Start my business was a wish and idea. By the end of the course, I had already had my first discovery call and was a million times more confident than when I started. The Start truly set me up with a business and the confidence that I needed to move forward and continue to work after the program ended.


I loved how the modules and extra resources with each lesson in The Start were so easily digestible. I liked the accountability with the daily lessons and having the opportunity to ask any questions during the group coaching calls.

Since The Start, I have started working with two new clients and have expanded my network. 

I’m now much more aware of all of the adaptable skills I have from previous corporate jobs that I can bring into the online world.

It’s clear that Sara is an expert in the VA space and I feel confident that this programme has laid the foundations for me to continue expanding.


The Start was perfect for the guidance and accountability I needed at the time where I had nowhere else to turn and very little money to invest in my learning. I loved how Sara really wanted us to use the knowledge that we had to secure our clients with no pressure of learning new tools. 

The Start gave me the foundation that I needed to figure out how to price my services and plan out my income. It also provided the framework for the messaging that I still use to describe how I can help my potential clients in my So-That Statement.

Since completing the program, I started my boutique Strategic Management Firm and now know that my tangible strengths are in Management and Operations.


When I began The Start, my business was a dream and now it is a reality that is bringing in income. I knew that I could do this, but having templates and business models provided and explained provided so much value that I was able to instantly implement into my business. I loved that The Start did exactly what I wanted it to; it took out so much of the guessing game especially around what services I provide and pricing for my services. 

I launched my business during Week 2. Since then I have had 5 clients; 2 project based and 3 on monthly retainers. My goal initially was to make $1,000 my first month and $2,500 for November and December. So far my income for the combined months is $3,000 and will be at least $3,600.

Because I was provided so much knowledge during The Start, I’ve been able to launch my business with confidence. I know my value add and what I can offer. I also know that I won’t land every client, every discovery call won’t be a match and that’s okay.


I’d say that prior to The Start, my confidence and sense of self-accomplishment was very low. But now that I have graduated and have been able to put the program into action, my confidence has sky-rocketed! Being able to do what I love, in the capacity that I have with the encouragement from Sara, has made all the difference.

I loved the community and connectedness of the program. Being able to go through a program like this with like-minded women, felt comforting and like this was that much more do-able! In my first month since graduating The Start, I’ve signed 4 clients and have matched my 8am-5pm Full-Time job Salary! I can’t wait to scale more over the next month and leave my 8am-5pm for good. 

I don’t know if there is a way to describe HOW beneficial it was, but if I could rate it on a scale of 1-10, I would have to give it an INFINITY. I am a REAL business owner now and it’s unreal to even think of.


The Start provided me with small bite size info, mentorship that was empowering, and a good level of technical info. It helped me to have a better understanding of my baseline, where to go from there and how to achieve results in my business. 

Because of this program, my biz now has a clear statement. I now know my direction. I understand my values and I know how to sell my skills! All of that is pretty awesome!


The Start is a great place to connect with other ass-kicking virtual queens! After each group call, I felt inspired and motivated to keep challenging myself in expanding my business. This program gave me the boost I needed to make the jump! 

I appreciate the matchmaking leads and because of those I was able to set up discovery calls and practice selling myself!

Within 6 weeks, I was able to create a legit business (name, bank account, etc.) and contract two clients. One of those clients is my former employer!


I love that the content of The Start was easy to digest and the videos were concise and engaging. I also love that the Matchmaking Bonus is included in the course!

The Start helped me figure out the best pricing structure for my services and it has given me the added confidence to do what I love. In 3 weeks, I landed one dream client and had a proposal sent to another!

After completing the program, I feel like I have some tangible steps to move my business forward.


I loved the style and pace of The Start. It was a fast six week course, but the content was in small consumable bites. It was easy to set aside the time to work through the course and still have time to do the homework – keeping me on track through the six weeks. Sara really helps you feel good about where you are and making this work for you.  

By week four of the program, I had already booked my first discovery call and by week six, I had booked two more.

By the end, I felt like I had so much information and I could confidently talk to potential clients, sign them, and manage my business. That was key for me. Making this business work for me and not creating a similar business environment to my 9-5.


The Start helped me START my business. Pun intended.

I loved that we were able to go at our own pace with each assignment in the program. It’s a very supportive atmosphere! The group calls were a great addition and it’s nice to get the email leads even if you’re not at the stage of taking clients.

With The Start, I realized that the skills I have are very much in need and that I will succeed as a Virtual Assistant/Social Media Manager.


Even though I have exceptional professional and leadership experience, I knew nothing about starting my own business as a service provider. I’m so grateful I came across The Start program! It allowed me an opportunity to set myself and my business up with the guidance of Sara, an expert in this arena. The Start helped me build a solid foundation that immediately began forming an actual business.

When I signed up for The Start, I was still trying to understand how to make my skills turn into a profitable business.

By week 4 of The Start, I booked and had several discovery calls. By week 5, I had signed my first 3 paying clients! By the completion of the program, I had a new confidence about the value I bring and new clients that saw that value as well.


Since I’ve completed The Start, I have much more confidence in my business and ability to sell my services out.

I have had more discovery calls than ever before, and signed on a new client that came from the matchmaking referrals.

I really love the fact that you share leads with members and the growth formula document is so helpful when you’re looking to scale. The Start has given me the confirmation that what I am doing is correct and to keep moving forward with my business. I definitely recommend this program!

I literally started my business because of The Start. I loved how easy it was to follow and to fit into my already busy day. Sara also allowed me to see that I can truly do this!! I have more years than I’d like to admit in marketing and event planning, but she helped me see how that translates to the online space.

Since completing The Start, I’ve already landed 2 clients and one of them just asked if she could send me a referral. Big win!!

I have also already made back my investment. This program was/is a game changer for me and I cannot wait to see where I go.

The Start really helped me align with my goals and dreams. Through the course, I became very clear on what I wanted and the type of people I want to work with, based on the type of employee and person that I am. It increased my knowledge in social media and sales, and also boosted my confidence going out there and talking to people and reaching out to potential clients. I felt pretty capable on my own, but The Start really helped me learn how to be capable in the right areas.

When I started the course, I only had one client.

By week 4, I had signed another one. Now, in the final week, I have 4 total clients and am almost booked out! I was able to get off of unemployment, double my income, and get the perfect puppy coworker to help since I’m working full-time from home again.

I also had my favourite journal company (BestSelf Co.) ask me to be an ambassador for their business to share my journey.

The Start gives you everything you need to confidently start your own virtual assistant business – the tools, the mindset, the documents. My favorite part is how the course is structured with all of the content being split into one different lesson each day over the entirety of the 6 week program.

After completing The Start, I have the confidence & know-how to build this business from the ground up and take it as far as I want it to go! I have a great social media account with a clear & actionable bio, a one sheeter for clients, a dubsado account set up, an asana account set up, a great new daily planner ready to roll.

I have a workflow, a legal contract, an invoicing method and several other documents in place AND I have had or are scheduled to have a total of 12 discovery calls in a two week time span!

The Start is a great program for someone who is in the beginning stages of wanting to build a really great done-for-you service based business. I enjoyed each week, learned so much and found the worksheets and templates to be extremely helpful throughout the program.

Since completing the program, I have truly set an amazing foundation for my business. I became super clear on my WHY and feel confident I’m building a business that carries out my unique message and look forward to being a true support partner to my future clients.

I’m building trusting relationships with other entrepreneurs, am getting more visibility on social media and started booking discovery calls!

Prior to The Start, my business was lacking a complete foundation to run optimally. The services and skill sets were there, but it was challenging for me to let go of the ingrained employee mindset. The Start program helped me to focus on my why and embrace what was most necessary to run my business efficiently. It also provided helpful management resources that I’ve implemented into my business toolkit.

Sara showed me the importance of setting boundaries early on and that it’s perfectly acceptable when done the right way. She truly provided the right building blocks to start my business along with the encouragement needed to give myself grace along the way.

I am much more confident now to use my skills and assets in a way that will best benefit my clients and leave room for my business to grow.

Since completing The Start program, I feel like I have a plan.

I feel more empowered to take specific steps towards moving my business forward.

I also feel confident I have the right strategies to test out what I have planned, knowing that I can also make changes if needs be & that does not equal failure. Sara has a natural way of getting you motivated and feeling like you can really pull this off!

The Start really helped with my confidence. Sara helped me realize that I truly offer a high level service, and that I can charge more for that. I love the way Sara teaches. She’s so straight forward and such a great business coach!

Since joining the course I’ve been able to raise my hourly rate from $30/hr to $50/hr.

I now have all my clients on retainers! OH I also quit my job the first week in August because I completely replaced and doubled what I was earning at my part time office job. Going through the START, being consistent on social media, and fully booking myself gave me the confidence to finally leave. I now make more and I’m home with both of my kids!

I love how approachable The Start is. When going through the program, I didn’t feel overwhelmed, and the support is so obvious and genuine from the very beginning. 

Since completing The Start, I’ve booked three new clients, and I’m in touch with several additional leads. I also feel like I have a solid base to grow my business from, even if I decide to make changes later on.

My Services One Sheet is so much better looking now than my first attempt at one too! I truly feel so much more confident and at ease about building my client roster and reaching my goals.

When I signed up for The Start, I was just shy of my 2 year Business Anniversary & I had ZERO motivation or want to push forward. My inbox was quiet. I was giving bare minimum. The Start not only pushed me forward in momentum, but it rekindled the LOVE I have for what I do & gave me the confidence to not only market myself successfully, but to also show up as myself & as the expert on Discovery Calls.

The amount of value Sara provides in the six weeks of this program is AMAZING and I loved the amount of confidence I gained in myself & my business. Hello SOLID FOUNDATION & BOUNDARIES.

During The Start, had 2 Discovery Calls (my booking calendar was nothing but crickets for MONTHS beforehand), of those 2 Calls, I signed a new monthly retainer client.

The Start is packed full of value, but it’s not overwhelming or hard to digest. Sara keeps it short & sweet, but to the absolute point, which is much appreciated!

The Start is amazing! I know because I took the leap to control my own destiny, and 6 weeks later, I am here to say… it works! Sara made it easy with her day to day lessons that could be completed in under 30 minutes! Each lesson was a stepping stone to the next one and you never felt overwhelmed.

Before The Start I had no business, and now I have my own LLC already registered and I booked my first client before the program was even over.

I learned how valuable I am with the knowledge and experience I already had, but I also gained a ton of knowledge through the program! I have more confidence and value myself as a businesswoman more than ever before!

Sara is the most amazing coach & mentor…and she is there for you every step of the way.

I am giving The Start a 5 star rating and a round of applause. I can’t stop ranting and raving about this course. Everything was incredible, from the course layout & delivery, the homework assignments and added bonuses – Sara knocked this out of the park! As a working mom of two little ones, I found it easy to incorporate these bite sized lessons into my daily routine! I entered this course doubtful and walked away confident and ready to take on the world!

During The Start, I booked 2 clients and in the final week of the course, I had 2 discovery calls! The Start gave me a confidence boost that I desperately needed.

Today, I am not afraid to put my name out there and just do it. I went from an aspirant to achiever! When I began this program, I had nothing. Today, my business has a name, service offerings and most importantly clients.

Working in a corporate environment has made me tense and uptight. I was always afraid to make mistakes. One takeaway that I’ve learned from this course is that it’s okay to relax. I’m going to make mistakes, I may not know everything and guess what – it’s okay! The answers can be found in a book or perhaps in Google search or on a YouTube video, LOL. When it comes to my business, I just need to be the best version of me and provide outstanding support to my clients.

Sara did her thing!! Kudos to her for taking the leap and leaving her 9 to 5 to her dream business while working from home. She has mastered it and is now teaching other men/women to master it as well and I love Sara for that!!! I highly recommend this course to friends and family members who want to create their dream business by working from home. 

From The Start (pun intended) I felt like a complete rock-star. The lessons were so detailed and practical that I couldn’t believe that I had waited so long to start. I acquired so much knowledge and confidence to reach out to clients and to be confident in my skills. The support from Sara is AMAZING!

Before The Start, I thought it would be months before I was ready to “Launch” but this program equips you from the first day.

I was able to start marketing and reaching out to potential clients while still completing lessons, and now I actually have a business!

Not only do I recommend The Start, I think it’s a necessary course for everyone interested in the done-for-you space!

I love that The Start was fed to me in tiny, easy-to-digest bits. It forced me to do things that were outside of my comfort zone, things I had LONG been putting off.

Prior to The Start, I didn’t really have a direction. I was kind of a web design studio but I also did some video editing, etc. Now I have documents I can send to clients and a social media strategy. My Instagram following has increased by nearly 50% since I began!

I have only made two new posts (albeit, many stories) during this time so I’m pretty stoked about that. I have also transitioned all of my clients from project-based to hourly.

Connecting with Sara, and the other girls in the program, was just amazing. Running a business on your own can be so isolating, but having correspondence with everyone has been so reassuring.

I loved the pace of The Start and how it provided me with all the steps to get my business started from the ground up. My confidence has completely taken off from this program.  I have been able to reach out to potential clients and have all the tools to do so.  Since The Start I’ve had multiple leads for potential clients, I have booked a client, and my social media presence is more consistent and on target for my brand.

I truly valued the knowledge from Sara and knowing I had someone to support me and answer questions. I 100% will always recommend this program to others. 

It is worth all the time, money and effort.

Honestly, I loved everything about The Start! I feel like I’ve learned so much. Not only about tips, tricks and tools I had no idea about, but also things I thought I was well versed in and Sara was able to showcase it in a new way I hadn’t quite learned yet. I feel like I have the confidence to really put myself out there now.

Since The Start, I’ve seen social media growth and was able to conduct my first few discovery calls with REAL POTENTIAL CLIENTS (not just friends) because I now know how to position myself on social media as an expert, rather than an imposter.

I also now know what I have to do to revamp my website in order to meet my goals: offer only services I’m PASSIONATE about, price accordingly and show up where my ideal client is.

Sara provided such valuable information and genuinely connected with her students. That was the biggest reason I chose to do The Start over many other trainings. I felt as though Sara was real and I LOVED that she took the time to personally reach out and talk to her audience/students on a 1:1 level! That’s VERY important. I was able to Like, Know and Trust her from The Start (pun intended).

The Start truly helped lay the foundation for my business. I had already been in business for over a year, but The Start showed me all of the things I had skipped and needed to revisit. Sara feels like a true friend and her guidance was invaluable!!

Since participating in The Start, I have a streamlined onboarding process, a clear social media strategy, clarity on my service offerings, and a renewed sense of confidence in and passion for the business I am creating. I also have a new client signed from the matchmaking service! 

Sara teaches that as long as we take action- even when it’s messy- we have the power to create the life and business of our dreams. My business is now a well oiled machine! I am no longer stumbling through but rather proceeding with full confidence!  I LOVE Sara and this program. My business is forever changed!

What I loved about The Start was that Sara broke everything down into bite-sized pieces making it easy to follow and digest. The daily emails allowed me to concentrate on one thing at a time and the group coaching calls were gold!

Before The Start I was overwhelmed, but The Start helped me improve the foundation of my business and feel more confident bringing on clients.

The Start gave me the confidence to jump into this online world to serve more clients. It also allowed me to see the value I bring to my current niche group and how to capitalize on that.

I feel more organized and ready to build this business. I loved all the templates Sara provided for her Start members. Each of the templates served a purpose and helped with building the foundation for a business.

Sara was so generous to even give her Start members the opportunity to be involved in her lead matching service. This allowed me to receive more discovery calls. I also was able to build out a retainer model to help capture a steady income from all new clients.

The Start was a great beginning for me as I was new to the online space. After meeting Sara and experiencing her passion for coaching and mentoring I decided to sign on for her 6 month mentoring program. Sara really cares about each of her clients.

What I loved the most about The Start was the constant support and feedback Sara gave to me and the others. She is extremely knowledgeable and the worksheets she had us do were extremely helpful!

Since The Start I have signed a new client in the pet industry, been able to come up with social media post caption ideas, understand how to price my packages, and I am more confident when pitching my business.

I’ve been a VA and OBM since 2013, but for various reasons, I was lucky enough to have several long term, referred clients so I never had to market myself. When I found myself with an opening for a new client, I didn’t really know how to start looking for one. The Start was exactly what I needed to grow my social media presence and solidify my confidence when it comes to reaching out to potential clients and providing immediate value in those early conversations.  I am now spending more time taking care of the things MY business needs rather than just doing my client work and hoping for the best. What is watered grows, but I had not been watering my business. I didn’t know how to do that effectively and I have an actual plan that I can execute now.

The Start takes a topic that feels big and vague and slightly scary (starting my own online service provider business) and turns it into daily, bite-sized steps you can take to make real progress and put yourself out there.

One of my favorite things about Sara and this program is that she is endlessly encouraging and supportive. She gives you all the information you need, and answers questions before you think to ask them.

My business was nothing more than an idea when the Start started. I now have a budding IG profile, am actively positing, and am actively seeking out potential leads in order to grow my business.  The Start has given me the confidence to know I can do this, as well as tips on making calls, getting and cultivating leads, and selling my services.  I’ve also had a few leads that I’ve gotten due to being in The Start, two discovery calls to date, and I have another discovery call next week.

I have four clients now and another prospect about to sign up.

Another thing I loved about The Start was the flexibility.  Everyday at 6 AM I knew to expect an email that I could read when I woke up or whenever I chose to.  The emails were easy to read and videos were easy to watch.  I would definitely recommend The Start to others wanting to start and grow their VA businesses.

The Start provided me the confidence I needed to build a strong foundation for my business.

I was able to create a bio that sounds confident, personal, and explains how I can assist a business owner with back-end support. I would definitely recommend The Start to others!

During The Start, I went from feeling overwhelmed to motivated.

Sara really helped me get clarity on my purpose as a VA, and what I wanted to do with my business. I learned that it is possible to live and stick to boundaries that help me enjoy my job everyday. I loved the encouragement and would absolutely recommend The Start!

Since participating in The Start, I have shifted from VA to OBM and finally have my business right where I want it! Sara’s guidance and support throughout her program helped me realize my business was not set up to give me the true flexibility I wanted for myself and my family.

I got rid of the energy draining clients, changed my mindset, focused on what I enjoy doing and not just what I thought clients needed. I increased my monthly retainer and kicked hourly work out the door!

More money in my pocket, quality clients who respect my boundaries and treat me as an equal but more importantly I’ve grown exponentially as a business owner and women balancing work and family life.

While in The Start program I realized that I was charging too low for my done for you services.

Sara provided templates for us to literally explore our reservoirs of skills, experience, and passions. With this information, I was able to formulate high-ticket service offerings that brought in ideal clients that had no problem paying top tier rates.

I can say without hesitation that Sara has a way of empowering you with both information and motivation. If you take The Start you’re literally handed the tools to have a successful done-for-you service, but often the mind-fog gets in the way of you actually succeeding or even executing. Sara (The Start) debunks the limiting myths that we so often tell ourselves and empowers us with tools to “see it” for ourselves. While I’m grateful for the content, I’m most grateful that I now have the absolute confidence that I can have a very successful done-for-you service that works for me completely.

The Start is easy to digest and it didn’t feel overwhelming. While working a FT job, it’s hard to also work on your business. The actionable items fit perfectly in my daily schedule. In the weeks where I fell behind a bit, I was able to catch up on the weekend and prepare for the next week.

The Start helped me to see that I was standing in my own way in several areas. We often make things harder as entrepreneurs because we want to do what everyone else is doing. It is important to create our own processes, which Sara helped to guide us in doing through this program.

I would recommend The Start to those who made the decision to become a done-for-you service provider. It helps to build a solid foundation in the overwhelming world of information available. It’s a program I wish I would’ve had at the start of my journey.

ReShanda Oldham

The Start helped me to build a foundation for my business but also helped me learn all the details along the way. I have a better understanding of what it takes to work and a plan to develop what I need to grow my business.

Thanks to The Start I have booked my first official VA role!

The Start gives you confidence to build a business that works for you. Sara is clear every step of the way that you can build your business any way you want while at the same time offering valuable information around industry standards and best practices that she knows first hand will land you results. This creates the perfect balance to show up boldly for yourself in a way that feels good and confidence that you are building a sustainable + profitable business. Sara does an amazing job of breaking down the steps you need to start your done-for-you service based business into simple, actionable pieces. The daily emails help keep you accountable and showing up daily for yourself and your business so you can move your business forward quickly and with ease.

Before beginning The Start, I had no business. No clients, no packages, no idea what services I was even going to offer.

After going through the program I now have a suite of service offerings, monthly recurring revenue and leads coming in every week. I had multiple discovery calls and signed my first client, all before even finishing the program. I think the most valuable piece of The Start is the warm leads through Sara’s matchmaking service.

When those emails pop into your inbox, shit gets real! It brings your business to life instantly and gives you the opportunity to see what you have been working to create in action.

If you are looking to start a done-for-you service based business and don’t know where to start, this is the program you want to be in.

After doing The Start I had all the foundations I needed to build a business that suited my life. Sara’s lessons were GOLD to me, they were short and sweet and packed with so much value.

Now after putting everything into practice, I’m booked out, only working 10 hours a week with super aligned clients and I’m starting college this month!

I recommend The Start 100% with no doubt! It is life-changing.

I love how The Start makes you feel totally equipped and ready to start your virtual business. Sara gives you all the tools and makes it really simple to understand and get started. As a stay-at-home-mom of two, I didn’t think I’d be able to build a business for a long time. But Sara helped me see that I can still have a ton of time to dedicate to my little ones and build a business I love. Sara has a ton of experience in this field and is completely honest about what worked and what didn’t work for her. She keeps it real and it’s refreshing. I know I can trust her advice.

When I began The Start, I had one client- my husband! And now, four months later, I have a full roster of amazing clients I love to work with, I’m hitting consistent $5k months working part time hours, and spending lots of quality time with my kiddos.

The Start gave me all the tools to build my business and confidently reach out to prospects and create sales. Sara helps you start your business AND scale it in a healthy way. She sets you up with important guidelines around boundaries, price increases, referrals and so much more than what I had signed up for. I’m so happy I invested in this program. It’s been a game changer for me!

This program will give you everything you need to get started as a Virtual Assistant ASAP.

During The Start, I became more confident in pitching myself because I felt like my business was real. Because of that, I booked a paying client while I was still in the program.

My plan was to use the tools I learned in the program to set myself up for success from the beginning and make this business my full-time career.

Within a month of finishing the program, I officially left my 9-5. 

And now just 6 short months after beginning The Start I have a booked out roster of clients, just had my biggest month in business yet at $8K and have Discovery Calls still rolling in. I’m in the process of hiring my first intern to keep my business running while I’m on maternity leave.

I am so glad I decided to start my VA business with the support of The Start and 100% recommend it to everyone I know.

I actually created a business from ground zero with The Start! I officially have a name and a package of services to offer & it’s really exciting!

I liked how the information was given each week in manageable increments. A lot of VA’s starting out have other full time jobs, careers and families. The Start’s 6 week course was the perfect amount of time to implement each lesson, leaving you feeling accomplished and motivated to continue!

During The Start I actually had 2 discovery calls and booked a client! The Start has given me the confidence to sell my services, believe in my value & go out there and get it!

I loved that The Start was broken down into digestible information and daily to-dos. I could feel it build as the program continued through the six weeks and appreciated that by doing it this way, it also built up my confidence along the way. I loved the group coaching calls.

It was great to have that kind of connection and community with other like-minded women who are on the same journey!

After completing the course, I am now obsessed with Asana and Dubsado and have amazing templates to use as I start my own business. I didn’t have a business before I began The Start, but it truly gave me the push, knowledge and confidence to START!