As part of THE SOURCE, you get access to all past masterclasses AND all new ones taught during your membership. Here’s a sneak peek at the masterclasses you’ll get access to as soon as you join!


In The Marketing Masterclass, you’ll learn how to find paying clients online for your done-for-you business. I’m teaching you the exact formula I teach my 1:1 clients to find paying clients online for their done-for-you businesses. You’ll learn how to identify who to target (and where to target them), how to easily create content that converts, how to nurture your ideal clients and track your leads effectively, and how to sell on social media without being gross, skeezy or annoying.


In this masterclass I’m sharing alllll of my IG story secrets with you so that you can get your story strategy up and running ASAP and create more sales in your business. I’ll teach you the 3 KEY pillars of story content, what makes your audience trust you enough to buy from you, and how to make your story strategy easy to implement and FUN.


In the Automate Your Virtual Backend Masterclass, you’ll learn the way to use Asana for virtual, remote work and how to be the organized badass you know you need to be in your business to experience the massive growth and balance you desire. I’ll teach you how to set up and optimize Asana to serve multiple clients, manage multiple team members (and do it all with ease), and you’ll learn how to set up your own Biz HQ project to house all of your important tasks, to-dos, passwords, images, dreams, goals AND MORE.


In the Mastering Time Management Masterclass, you’ll learn the simple but effective system to managing your time in biz and life like a rockstar. I’ll teach you everything you need to manage your time so that you can keep growing your business without burnout and create the balanced, happy life & biz you crave! You’ll also receive a time management workbook to guide you in implementing the time management tools to grow your biz!


In this masterclass I’ll teach you exactly how to plan out your content each week, coach you on what to post to reach and convert your ideal clients and show you how to repurpose like a pro so you can get off the never-ending hamster wheel of fly-by-the-seat-of-your-yoga-pants content creation and create a plan that brings in more of what you really want: impact + income. Oh, and best of all…once you learn how to do this for your own business you can put on your super woman cape and show your clients how they can use it in their businesses, too.


In this masterclass, you’ll learn how to set scarciting revenue goals that are in alignment with your personal life and desire for balance and how to create or update your pricing and packages to allow for better cashflow in your business (and better conversions, too!). I’ll explain why the retainer model is way smarter for your business than the package model and get my step-by-step guide on how to set that up for yourself ASAP, how to confidently raise your prices on your current clients so they happily say YES and keep paying you, and how to make your biz grow like whoah this year with a deep dive into money mindset.


In the Discovery Calls Without Doubt Masterclass, you’ll learn the three phases of a discovery call and exactly what to do at each phase so that you can rock your calls and convert more clients, the right questions to ask on a pre-call questionnaire to take the guesswork out of what to say on the call and to get to your potential client’s pain points (that’ll you’ll help them solve) ASAP, the exact agenda + call flow I teach my clients to use on their discovery calls so your conversation feels genuine but targeted, how to follow up with your potential client post-call to maximize signed contracts and cash flow, and how mindset plays a HUGE role in your ability to attract and sign paying clients and how to begin weaving in mindset practices into your discovery call process to convert more.


In the Cracking the Client Onboarding Code Masterclass, I’ll guide you through my step-by-step client on-boarding process to teach you how to set yours up and show you how to save your precious TIME + ENERGY each time you bring on a new client. Once set up, all you’ll need to do is press a button to initiate the onboarding automation all while watching clients sign contracts, pay invoices, schedule on-boarding calls and submit forms…with a coffee (or cocktail) in hand not lifting a finger. Oh, and the coolest part? Once you know how to do this for YOUR business you can set it up for your clients. #winning


In the Simple + Successful Referrals Masterclass, you’ll learn the secrets to converting your clients into raving fans and understand exactly how to set up a smart, customized, new client booking referral system that makes it so dang easy for your clients to do your marketing for you and get you more and more clients on repeat.


In this masterclass, you’ll learn the key to figuring out which role(s) you need to fill on your team, where to find your rockstar support team, how to onboard and train your team the easy way, and how to set up a simple system for managing your team so that you end up with people who truly love working for you and helping you to scale your business.


Back pocket offers serve you in your done for you business in so many ways. When you’re full, they’re an easy way to serve someone and get them on a waitlist but make quick cash now. When you want to test out an offer, it’s a great way to play around with that offer and still get paid for your valuable time. When you’re going on vacation next month, it’s an easy way to bring in additional revenue into your business. When you want to impact a new audience, it’s a great, low-risk way to do that. Let’s talk all about these offers and how to set them up for your business.


Launching is a BEAR, but when you understand how to do it well…it can change an entire business (or your clients businesses). In this Masterclass, we’ll go over the basics of successful launches with everything from the importance of warming up your audience (and how to do that), and how to create and deliver a program without overwhelming you (or your clients). I’ll also be giving you my Course Launch template that I give to intensive clients (and charge $1K for) to make launching for you/your clients way easier.


Most people set their goals all wrong, which is evidenced by the fact that most people don’t meet them. I help my clients set goals completely differently and it’s why they create big results and actually ENJOY the work that they do. Let’s break down how to set goals that actually work for you instead of make you feel bad.


The more experience you get as a done-for-you business owner, the more you should get paid. But unlike other industries where you work with someone on a shorter contract and can change your prices for only new clients, in order for you to work with clients long-term and keep increasing your revenue you’ll eventually need to secure yourself a raise with existing clients. Let’s talk about when it’s appropriate to do this, why you should do this and exactly HOW to do this so that your client is happy to pay you more for the amazing job you’re doing.


Anti-racism training with guest Lettie Shumate


Let’s dive into the industry standards for time tracking, getting you paid (how to invoice + when to invoice) and also cover what to do when the inevitable happens and clients are late on payments.


In this Masterclass, you’ll learn the legal basics that you need to know to run your own business. We’ll cover bring a LLC vs Sole Proprietor, contracts + contract disputes and the basics of Trademarks


So you had a Discovery Call. NOW WHAT? In this class, I’ll break down exactly how to custom tailor a feel-good, non-sleezy follow up process to maximize signed, aligned clients. As usual, I’ll even be providing plug n’ play templates to make this process so much easier for you.


Your mindset is a large part of what will dictate your success. But what really IS mindset and what is mindset work? In this masterclass, we’ll break down mindset and beliefs and how they relate to business. I’ll also help you create your own simple mindset practice so you can start shifting your through and beliefs on purpose.


Whether you want to create a course for your business or you’re supporting your clients around the creation of their own, this class will break down the creation process so you know exactly what steps to take to get a digital product out into the world.


In this Masterclass, you’ll learn how to create a client management process that creates raving fans, long-term clients and way less turnover.


In this class, we’ll dive into the world of list building. We’ll talk about when you should start thinking about this for your business, why it could be important for you (and why it might not be), how to create your first or next opt-in, what you need to do next once you have people on your list and allllll the deets you need to make your list come to life.


Understand how to create, promote and deliver a Masterclass (or help your clients do it). You’ll get access to my Masterclass content template so you can easily plug n’ play when you’re ready to do one (or when your client is!).


In this class, you’ll learn all about how to start a waitlist as a done-for-you service providers when you’re booked out for your services. We’ll talk about WHEN to do this, HOW to do this and what you can offer to potential clients instead to bridge the gap between now and when you bring them onboard.


In this Masterclass you’ll learn how to confidently lead a client on-boarding call with a brand new client. I’ll teach you my go-to process to bring clients on with boundaries while also helping them to feel taken care of and excited for your partnership. This class will also come with a client on-boarding call template so you won’t ever have to worry about what to say or what to do.


Running a business is a whole lot. But so many folks start business to better support their lives, yet find themselves falling into the same unhealthy habits they had in a past-career. In this class we’ll talk about the healthy habits I’ve collected over the years of business and how to start small to make these habits stick.


In this Masterclass we’ll cover all things client offboarding. You’ll learn what to do once you’ve decided to part ways with a client, what to hand over and how to set a kind but firm boundary for the end of your partnership. This class will also include an offboarding checklist that you can upload into your task management platform and use again and again to make off boarding a simple process for you moving forward.


In this Masterclass we’ll do a collaborative values exercise to get your business in alignment. Most folks start businesses to create better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities. But then they end up feeling misaligned from those original desires. In this class we’ll identify your top 5 business values and create a process to integrate these into every corner of your business and decision making.


No matter how many times I talk about boundaries, I find that this is the HARDEST thing for business owners to do. In this class, we’ll talk about the most important boundaries for you to set as a business owner with your clients AND with yourself. We’ll also come up with a creative way to pitch your boundaries to your clients.


VIP Days are all the rage right now, and for good reason. They can be a great revenue generator for your business and because of their quick result, they provide your potential clients with a ton of value. In this Masterclass I’ll break down what you can offer in a VIP day (or 1/2 day) and give you a step-by-step process to creating your own VIP Day container.


In this Masterclass we’ll dive into the nitty gritty of the often misused retainer model for your virtual business. You’ll learn how to set your retainer minimum, how to handle client overages, how to handle client hour underuse, best practices for time tracking and more so that if you DO decide the retainer model is right for you, you’re using it so it can truly be something that supports your business and protects your time.


In this workshop we’ll dive into WORDS OF THE YEAR. Whether this is a new-to-you practice or you’ve been doing it for years, come join us. We’ll come together as a community, select or share our words, wrap up 2021 and talk about our dreams for 2022 – TOGETHER!


This has come up a lot lately. And, there’s no better time to recalibrate than at the beginning of a new year! How do you do ALL the things and still enjoy your life/business? By being intentional about it and setting it up ahead of time. Learn how to create YOUR ideal calendar in this Masterclass.


Lead management is something you will ALWAYS need to know how to do. As long as you have a business, most likely, you will be securing, cultivating and tracking leads. Find out how to do it like a pro in this Masterclass! Sara will share her best tips and tricks for success, as well as a handy template to keep everything super organized and top of mind.


This can be a tricky one to figure out in the online service provider space. In this Masterclass, we’ll explore whether or not you even need to have them, what you should include, when you should provide them, as well as how to keep the whole process easy and streamlined.


Most of us are on social every day for work. So, what does that look like when the online space is especially noisy or there’s a lot going on in the world? How do you protect your peace in the midst of things that trigger or distract when you can’t opt-out altogether? That’s what we’ll explore in this Masterclass.


There’s a lot of drama around niching in online business. In this Masterclass, you’ll learn how to figure out what your niche is (by way of your current clients)–how to pull data points to find out what you like doing, who you like serving, etc. Sara has a whole process around doing this in a way that makes sense for our industry.


When you’re just starting out, the goal is to gain experience so you say “yes” a lot — which is great. Then, there comes a time when you realize there are certain clients you like working for more than others, certain tasks you like doing more than others, and that maybe you’re not charging what you’re worth… This class will teach you how to take that information and level up your client roster to LOVE what you do again.


This class will go over everything you need to know regarding Maternity Leave:
– How to determine what it looks like for YOU
– How to establish boundaries
– How to find coverage and notify clients
– How to prep to be gone
– And, how to ease your way back in when you’re ready

This is one of the ways in which being your own boss is so beautiful. This class will help you prepare for the leave you want and deserve to take, when adding to your family.


What happens when a client doesn’t get you what you need when you need it? Whether they are perpetually late and evasive, or they are experiencing something out of the ordinary, this class will give you all the info you need to move forward in a way that works for you — including suggestions for a number of different scenarios.


Great testimonials are beneficial in so many ways (as social proof, referrals, a personal pick-me-up)! In this Masterclass, you’ll learn all about how to collect compelling testimonials from clients. We’ll dive into WHEN you should be asking for them, HOW to ask, and Sara will give you a template that makes the whole process so. much. easier.

*Note: This is a large part of why The START is so successful and Erin has remained fully booked out for 4+ years.

Identifying Your Capacity

Do you know what your capacity is? This Masterclass will teach you how to determine the actual hours you have to serve clients, how many clients you need, and what to charge to reach your income goals.

Sara will walk you through the process and show you how to use a tool that works for whatever stage of business you are in. No more guesswork!


Doing a giveaway is a great way to get a large group of leads, fill a couple of spots, and/or pack out your calendar! This class will, of course, include the reasoning behind why and when you would do this, as well as a template to walk you through it and help you do it well.


In this workshop we’ll dive into all things word of the year. Whether this is a new-to-you practice or you’ve been doing it for ages, come join us. We’ll come together as a community, select or share our words, wrap up 2022 and talk about our dreams for 2023 – TOGETHER!


As a whole, we are pretty good about setting goals and continually raising the bar on ourselves. We move from one thing to the next, often without pausing to CELEBRATE what we just achieved. Is this ringing any bells for anyone?!
In this Masterclass, we will talk about what it looks like to actually celebrate our wins and how to make sure we’re doing it on a consistent basis — because it matters more than you think.


In this Masterclass, we’ll talk about realistic/attainable goal-setting, ideas for increasing your revenue to hit those goals, as well as the power of choice and its relation to what’s possible in this particular space. It’s a new year and we know that many of you have important revenue/income goals, so let’s discuss and make sure you hit them! 


In this masterclass we’ll be live workshopping a revenue growth plan with a Source member. You’ll not only hear HOW to grow revenue, but be there for a live look at what happens mindset wise when growth plans feel both scary and exciting.


Preferably every quarter but at least yearly, it’s worth doing a quick business audit. This is basically the chance to take a birds-eye view of your business to determine what’s working, what’s not, what you need (and what is no longer needed) moving forward, areas for growth/improvement, etc. In this Masterclass, Sara will teach you the exact process for completing one. 


In this class, we will cover how to approach conversations you might need to have with clients, what those might be, and point you in the direction of or provide scripts and templates to make the whole thing that much easier!

Think: talking to clients about late payments, taking time off, getting a great testimonial, increasing your rates, moving from being a solopreneur to an agency or having a team, reducing your hours, firing a client, etc.


What do you do when you’re feeling imposter syndrome, comparisonitis, overwhelmed, burned out, as if you’ll never reach your goal, etc? And, how do you stop or even prevent the spiral?

In this Masterclass, we will break down mindset work–making it easier and more accessible–with a specific focus on money and financial growth. To use, fellow member, Keali’s verbiage, these will be tangible/actual tips, not “say this chant in the mirror every day and you’ll make a million dollars without doing anything else woo-woo shit.” 😉


In this Masterclass, we will cover: what AI even is, what you need to know about it, how you can leverage it to work FOR you, why it will never replace us, and more! Come prepped and ready with your questions on all things AI (ChatGPT, etc) and we will dive into as many of them as we can at the end.


In this class, we’ll talk about how to have a human-centered approach to sales, why that works a whole lot better than some of the sleazy/shady practices you see going on out there, and how to set yourself apart (in a way that’s authentic and feels good for everyone). Hint: it’s easier than it seems!

We’ve also had a request to talk about how to close on a Discovery Call, so we’ll go over what that looks like, in a human-centered way, as well. Get ready to love sales more than you ever thought was possible!


Once you’ve secured clients, how do you ensure you keep them around long-term? In this Masterclass, we’ll talk about becoming an indispensable team member — one your clients can’t imagine living without. Retaining the clients you already have (and growing with them) is the easiest way to maintain a successful, thriving business. *If you do mostly project-based work, these same tactics will turn them into a non-stop referral source.


If you took The START with us, you may have this listed on your 1-pager but what does it actually mean and how can you do this for your clients and/or yourself (when it’s just you or you’ve got a massive team)?

This class will serve you in all of those scenarios and is invaluable for keeping things running smoothly and making sure you know exactly where everything’s at and how to use it!


Ever wondered what an Engagement Strategist does all day (and how they do it)? We’ve got answers, and you’re invited! Emma Barrera, CEO of Right Hand Glam, The Engagement Agency, will be diving into all of the basics you’ll need to develop engagement strategies not just for yourself, but for clients as well! We’ll cover everything from finding your people on Instagram, how to kick off conversations, and how to develop a comment that stands out and gets you SEEN!