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I was 3 months postpartum with my 2nd baby and so burned out from working as a nurse the last 10 years, I was dreading the idea of working my MLM gig in order to make somewhat of an income from home.

As someone who was a big newbie to the online workspace and virtual assisting world, I learned so much and never felt silly asking what I thought was a dumb question. The lead sharing part of Sara’s program is so valuable… I made my investment back within the first month of finishing the program. I have never had to market myself whatsoever outside of Sara’s referral system and even landed my first client before the end of The Start.

I am now fully booked in less than 2 months after being sent my first lead and have created a stable & dependable monthly income!

If you’re reading this and on the fence about it – just do it! Being successful in this is totally attainable if you show up, complete the lessons/worksheets and are motivated to get out of the box you’re currently in. There is a huge market for VA’s with the way the online space is growing… I even had to turn down 2 people in person during casual conversation when they asked what I do for work!

I’m seriously obsessed with this new work-life balance I have achieved with the help of Sara & Erin – I WILL NEVER clock in under someone else ever again or have to work on a holiday because my time off request got denied! Oh and did I mention my most recent client is paying me the same hourly wage I made as a nurse?! How cool is that?!

The Start is exactly that, a great start to a made for you career. You learn how to set yourself up for continual growth and the only thing in your way is YOU! The investment seems so great when you’re nervous about results, but I made back my investment twofold after just two months! The program was so easy to follow and fit into my busy schedule.

From NOTHING to THRIVING! I started as a very scared 9 to 5er nervous about the unknown and now I can actually say, I. AM. A. VA! I started receiving client leads as early as week 3!

By week 5, and only after my 2nd Discovery Call, I had a signed (PAID) client! By the end of that week, I had my 2nd client!

They are both dream clients that I never would have met without The Start.  The program gave me such confidence and Sara gave me the encouragement I needed to keep pushing forward and not selling myself short!

I love how The Start provided guidance around setting up the foundations for a VA business and having leads come in after week 3. I also liked that I was able to get homework feedback from Support Coach Erin.

Since starting and completing the program, I’ve booked 3 discovery calls and secured 2 new clients!

The Start is an amazing program no matter where you are in your business. I loved the worksheets! I printed all of them and used them for additional deep thought after the sessions. My confidence has grown significantly. I can see and feel the difference, but it’s also communicated to the clients because I’ve been booking more discovery calls recently. 

Before beginning, I had clients and had a comfortable recurring revenue coming in, but in the past 6 weeks my business has transformed. I’ve been able to get in front of ideal clients, I’ve become more comfortable in posting on my own social media, and I have actually started posting more content.

I’ve also had 2 clients sign contracts that came from the matchmaking service and another call me back yesterday to move forward. These 3 clients alone added an extra $2500 monthly!!


When I first began The Start, I had no clients and was unsure how to start my business, but the program really helped me increase my confidence in my business. I especially loved the group coaching calls and leads through Sara’s matchmaking service. 

During the program, I was able to book 2 discovery calls that converted to 2 paying clients! Within my first month of business I was able to bring on two additional paying clients. 

The knowledge that I received as part of this course is invaluable!


The weekly lessons  for The Start were easy to follow and so many resources were provided. I think the cost for the value was a steal! I loved the group coaching calls even though I couldn’t attend live. I even signed a client before the course was finished, and still have leads rolling in!

The program gave me the confidence to actually start my own business, encouragement to know I wasn’t alone and other people are doing this.

I could continue to sit on the sidelines or take action to make this business a reality, and The Start gave me the actionable plan that I needed.


I love that the content of The Start was easy to digest and the videos were concise and engaging. I also love that the Matchmaking Bonus is included in the course!

The Start helped me figure out the best pricing structure for my services and it has given me the added confidence to do what I love. In 3 weeks, I landed one dream client and had a proposal sent to another!

After completing the program, I feel like I have some tangible steps to move my business forward.


I loved the style and pace of The Start. It was a fast six week course, but the content was in small consumable bites. It was easy to set aside the time to work through the course and still have time to do the homework – keeping me on track through the six weeks. Sara really helps you feel good about where you are and making this work for you.  

By week four of the program, I had already booked my first discovery call and by week six, I had booked two more.

By the end, I felt like I had so much information and I could confidently talk to potential clients, sign them, and manage my business. That was key for me. Making this business work for me and not creating a similar business environment to my 9-5.


I literally started my business because of The Start. I loved how easy it was to follow and to fit into my already busy day. Sara also allowed me to see that I can truly do this!! I have more years than I’d like to admit in marketing and event planning, but she helped me see how that translates to the online space.

Since completing The Start, I’ve already landed 2 clients and one of them just asked if she could send me a referral. Big win!!

I have also already made back my investment. This program was/is a game changer for me and I cannot wait to see where I go.

The Start gives you everything you need to confidently start your own virtual assistant business – the tools, the mindset, the documents. My favorite part is how the course is structured with all of the content being split into one different lesson each day over the entirety of the 6 week program.

After completing The Start, I have the confidence & know-how to build this business from the ground up and take it as far as I want it to go! I have a great social media account with a clear & actionable bio, a one sheeter for clients, a dubsado account set up, an asana account set up, a great new daily planner ready to roll.

I have a workflow, a legal contract, an invoicing method and several other documents in place AND I have had or are scheduled to have a total of 12 discovery calls in a two week time span!

I love how approachable The Start is. When going through the program, I didn’t feel overwhelmed, and the support is so obvious and genuine from the very beginning. 

Since completing The Start, I’ve booked three new clients, and I’m in touch with several additional leads. I also feel like I have a solid base to grow my business from, even if I decide to make changes later on.

My Services One Sheet is so much better looking now than my first attempt at one too! I truly feel so much more confident and at ease about building my client roster and reaching my goals.

The Start truly helped lay the foundation for my business. I had already been in business for over a year, but The Start showed me all of the things I had skipped and needed to revisit. Sara feels like a true friend and her guidance was invaluable!!

Since participating in The Start, I have a streamlined onboarding process, a clear social media strategy, clarity on my service offerings, and a renewed sense of confidence in and passion for the business I am creating. I also have a new client signed from the matchmaking service! 

Sara teaches that as long as we take action- even when it’s messy- we have the power to create the life and business of our dreams. My business is now a well oiled machine! I am no longer stumbling through but rather proceeding with full confidence!  I LOVE Sara and this program. My business is forever changed!

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