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The Start content is super detailed and everything is laid out for success. After the program I really feel like I am owning my value, my confidence has been boosted, and that I’m more than a wife and mama – I can rock this new business venture one step at a time. I also now have knowledge on so many new platforms that I’m so excited to offer to my future clients!

My favorite part of the program were the templates for sending emails, tracking leads, and preparing for discovery calls! Through The Start, I identified my core values and accepted that I will not be the right person for everyone. I recently signed my first client and have several leads in my personal network lining up to work with me!

The Start provided me with SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE and I had a total mindset shift – this business I am creating is for ME and I need to prioritize how I fit it into my life, not the other way around.

I’ve signed 1 client directly from the matchmaking service and I signed another from reaching out on social media!

I loved EVERYTHING! The resources and templates have helped so much since I no longer have to build everything from scratch. But if I had to pick one thing that’s made the most impact, I would say it’s all the confidence building and mindset work. I’ve never been a very confident person, but throughout this program I have seen myself grow in confidence in so many ways. Even my husband has noticed a change.

During the program, I booked my first retainer client (it ended up being a family member), and I had my first discovery call, which I think went very well and I’m excited about all the clients to come.

The Start provided me with knowledge about how my skills can translate to my VA business. I loved all the various templates, the one-pager and invoices. The program was set up in a way that the information was condensed and I was able to get up and running quickly even while holding my full time job!


The Start provided me with a clear layout and direction for where I need to go and what I need to do that I didn’t have before this program. The Bonus classes were AWESOME and I love that the info I needed was right at my fingertips!

I have had 1 discovery call that turned into a client, 1 that has the potential to involve 2-3 more clients and another discovery call for next week. To say that I am grateful for this program is an understatement!!

I learned so much through this program. The Start helped me find all of the things I didn’t realize I had skills in and can use them to help build my options for my VA business. I also learned how to condense what I can offer and make it look good and how to sell myself and have the confidence to do it!

The Start provided me with a good reminder of business basics and an introduction to new tools and programs. I really enjoyed the layout of the program and help with creating my one-sheet.

The matchmaking service was great and I landed 2 discovery calls which turned into 1 amazing client!

I loved the knowledge that The Start provided me! The templates were so helpful and I learned so much including how to promote myself better to obtain clients.

The step by step walkthrough of what documents and info I needed to start my VA business were so helpful and the way the lessons were released in small portions was perfect for not getting overwhelmed. I also really enjoyed the potential leads through the matchmaking service.

I didn’t have a VA business when I began The Start. It was more of a dream/goal at the time. I now feel like I have everything I need to move forward with starting my VA business!

I had a great mindset shift during The Start. The program made me feel more confident in myself and my abilities and I’m excited to see where this VA business will take me.

The group coaching calls and support/feedback from Erin was really helpful. I wasn’t even able to attend the group coaching calls live, but I still found a lot of value in the replay and questions were answered that I didn’t even realize I had!

I’ve had an idea to start a business like this for 2 years now and just never knew how to really start. I’ve been doing work for someone for two years and realized through this program that I am a VA for his business. Now I have the confidence with my previous career experience and this work experience to offer clients. The Start gave me the foundation I needed that I couldn’t figure out on my own to really start a business as a VA.


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