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I loved having “homework” after each lesson, so I could slowly chip away at building the resources and materials I needed. The condensed info and assistance with setting up my one-pager was great. I now feel like I am owning my value and have more knowledge and confidence!

I’m having discovery calls and putting myself out there and excited to land my first client!

When I first began thinking of starting a virtual assistant business, I wasn’t sure where to start. I thought I had to have a million things in place before I launched, but at the same time wasn’t sure who I should be targeting, what my pricing and services should be etc. The Start gave me the direction and confidence I needed to start making moves!

I liked the bite-sized info and exercises that build upon one another. I currently have 1 lead that I’ve been communicating with. Fingers-crossed that it will come to fruition!

Since all of the content was condensed into shorter modules on a weekly /daily basis, it never felt daunting or like too much work to get through.

SO far, I’ve been introduced to 2 leads and have landed 1 client through the matchmaking service!

I am so glad I completed the Start course because it took my confidence level to a whole other place – I feel more empowered than ever that I can DO THIS. Take it one day, one step at a time.

I really appreciated how The Start helped me realize that I have valuable skills to transfer into becoming a VA. I loved the focus on marketing yourself and on how to get clients. The content was great and it was so helpful to have guidance on creating my one-pager!

After The Start, I’m much more confident speaking about my business to others! I feel more prepared to challenge myself on tasks I’m not familiar with because I know I can figure out anything and if I decide it’s not something I love, I don’t have to do it for every client or offer it anymore!

I signed my first client through matchmaking before the program ended, and have since signed two more through matchmaking!

The bonus classes and the step by step information each week, really helped me get to a confident place in what I already have to be a VA. I truly feel like I am owning my value and finally seeing that I do have skills to bring to the table. I didn’t have a VA business before The Start and now I do!! 

A few of the things I loved about The Start were the Asana bonus training, the bonus legal/payment training, & the feedback when I sent in my homework each week. The program really gave me confidence that there is a need for this type of work and it helped me see how the skills I already have would help my VA clients.

The Start gave me a beautiful PDF of my VA services to help market myself, 1 discovery call, 1 new client, and new income on a weekly basis!

The biggest thing I gained from the Start program was CONFIDENCE! I never would have thought years of working for non-profit organizations and being a teacher would give me the skills I needed to succeed in my Virtual Assistant business. I started the course 2 weeks after giving birth to my first baby.

Within 4 months, I’ve had 10 discovery calls and booked 3 clients! I am making the same amount I did working 50+ hours/week. But this time, I only work about 15 hours/week! Definitely worth the investment and the time.

Thank you for all the support and wisdom!

For me, the first 3 weeks of coursework and all of the Bonus Trainings were the most valuable. I definitely feel confident in promoting myself as a VA and explaining why my services would be valuable to a female business owner. I also feel more confident in the professionalism of my business and my knowledge of how to do VA work successfully.

It was awesome to have the step by step coursework and templates as a map + starting point. I now have an offerings page that I have sent to some family and friends and I’m feeling confident enough to start putting my name out there. I am refocusing my energy towards my business vs. being frozen without knowing where to even begin. 

Even just in doing my first Discovery Call (which I booked through Sara’s matchmaking service), I was so proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and ripping off the bandaid to make this happen!

I gained so much knowledge from The Start and feel like I now really have the information on HOW to run a VA business. I loved the live calls and being able to ask and have answers, as well as build relationships with the other classmates and leaders. It was invaluable for me.

I had no clue how I was going to start a business and now I feel like I have a much clearer picture! I’m more confident in my abilities and growth as a person and business owner!

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