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I love the support from Sara and all the other amazing women in The Source.

I feel like I’ve really got someone in my corner willing me to succeed and the group coaching calls each month are gold!

I’ve learnt some fantastic things which have allowed me to set up great systems in my business & how to handle my client interactions which is ultimately where I want to get the most guidance because selling yourself is scary! When you’re self employed, it’s just you & it’s so helpful to have a strong network to get past the times when you need a push!

I love the community and ongoing support inside The Source! Everyone builds you up and is always there to support you and because of that my confidence has greatly improved. I no longer second guess myself and it shows in my work. I have more confidence on my discovery calls, I’m maintaining consistent $5k months and I’ve really built my knowledge of systems.

In The Source, you are surrounding yourself with like minded business owners, and there is so much information and knowledge shared in the group that you 100% get value from.

I love The Source because it’s a super-helpful, and supportive community.

Sara consistently over-delivers when it comes to valuable information and responding to individual questions within the framework of the group. With direct help from Sara and the other members of The Source, I have been able to build out and sell my first VIP day!

The service provider niche in the online world is different from things like coaching and product sales. With The Source, it’s super helpful to have continued access to resources and relationships with people who really understand what’s needed to thrive in the industry.

I love how Sara is hands on and gives actionable steps and advice every single week! My confidence has increased, and I close more sales because I offer an additional backend offer.

The value provided is mind blowing & life changing!

I’m based in the UK and the international ‘family vibe’ that The Source provides me makes me feel included and less alone as an entrepreneur. There is truly a collaboration over competition vibe. The monthly Zooms are the best – I always come away from them feeling like I’m wrapped in a bubble of supportive friendship, joy and love, feeling like “I CAN DO IT!”

I also feel like The Source has allowed me to move away from the “shoulds” of running an online business and allowed me to gain confidence in my own ability to make the decisions that are right solely for me. That’s been huge for me.

I’ve gone from consistent £2k months to consistent £4k months!

Most importantly I feel like I have a bigger circle of pals who ‘just get it’. I love the feeling of belonging to a group of women who are endlessly supportive, it really means the world.

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