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When I started working with Sara, I was just starting out as a VA/OBM. I had a couple of clients, but I didn’t know how to grow my business consistently and sustainably.

Fast forward 2 years later, and I’m about to hit my first 200K year. I’m fully booked months in advance with clients I love to work with and I’ve built an amazing team.

Sara supported me in so many ways along the way, whether I needed strategy advice, mindset shifts or just someone to talk to. I particularly loved her down to earth approach to growing a business that serves your life and making sure you have fun along the way!

The Growth Lab was such a wonderful investment of both my time and money. I got so much out of that time, learning from others in the group, as well as from Sara.

I love how it was focused on growing my business and making more money, but also focused on finding hobbies and doing things I love. I feel like it’s such a great way to achieve work life balance.

During my time working with Sara, she helped give me the confidence to raise my prices for social media management clients and to launch my social media membership for gym owners. Sara breaks things down in such an easy way to understand and tackles the life-first side of business!

Working with Sara in the Growth Lab was an excellent step toward our goals. Despite knowing we wanted to change things up in our business, we were unsure how to do it. She helped us realize we need to have a life-first business!

Sara also made us realize we need to reward ourselves for meeting our goals. So we now have a list of goals, and every time we reach a goal, we reward ourselves with ice cream, a spa day, or do something we usually wouldn’t do.

As of now, we are no longer working with Pinterest or Instagram clients…only blogging clients!!! Our ideal client changed, and we now market to high-end wedding professionals (primarily photographers). A second result from the Growth Lab is we had to realize how much we’re worth, in comparison to what we used to charge for our blogging services.

At this time, we have seven monthly blogging clients that we consistently blog for, and our income has increased.

Sara has given us the tools and support to gain confidence in our business and helped us with our mindset which immensely impacted the thoughts we had about ourselves and our business.

I loved working with Sara because she will 100% support you in whatever crazy dream you have and make sure you get there without sacrificing your life (keeping you in check so you don’t burn out) and is there to direct you in the best way that aligns with your goals.

Within the first 3 months of working with Sara, I had a booked out business and constantly have stayed booked out now for 8+ months.

When I first started, I was bringing in around $1600-2k a month with only a few clients who were not ideal, and a year later I have a booked out business with dream clients and I am bringing in $8-10k months. I have easily hired multiple team members so I do not always have to be working in my business.

My business has completely evolved from who I first thought was my ideal client to the clients that showed up wanting my help and turning into dream people I get to work with everyday. I now stay booked out and get to pivot the way I am growing my business with it all being on my own time.

What I loved most about working with Sara was that she provided step by step guidance when you need it and always listens to your issue or problem before providing a suggestion.

In working with Sara, I went from 0 clients and just an idea to 7 clients and 5k months.

Sara helped me understand that I am worthy of running a business and having clients.

fran moore
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