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My confidence level was pretty low before my work with Sara. Intellectually, I thought I could make my business a success but I didn’t actually feel it in my soul. Now I know that I am in charge of my life and my business. Golden!

My client base has grown and I feel much more confident in making impactful decisions around my business.

I actually TRIPLED my monthly income in the month I worked with Sara! You can’t beat the ROI!

Sara is very real in a world where this quality is so rare. Working with Sara feels like chatting with your best friend, you’re incredibly knowledgable, uber caring, no BS best friend. She shares her knowledge in such a way that it is accessible and digestible.

Sara is an incredibly generous soul who makes you feel special and valued. I certainly hope to take on these qualities and pass them along as well to the people I encounter. Thank you for shining your light, Sara!

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