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While in The Start program I realized that I was charging too low for my done for you services.

Sara provided templates for us to literally explore our reservoirs of skills, experience, and passions. With this information, I was able to formulate high-ticket service offerings that brought in ideal clients that had no problem paying top tier rates.

I can say without hesitation that Sara has a way of empowering you with both information and motivation. If you take The Start you’re literally handed the tools to have a successful done-for-you service, but often the mind-fog gets in the way of you actually succeeding or even executing. Sara (The Start) debunks the limiting myths that we so often tell ourselves and empowers us with tools to “see it” for ourselves. While I’m grateful for the content, I’m most grateful that I now have the absolute confidence that I can have a very successful done-for-you service that works for me completely.

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