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What I loved most about The Start was Sara’s energy and the way she made everything seem clear and easy to understand. I felt like each week I not only learned and understood more, but I got a shot of motivational encouragement to go along with it. 

I appreciate the time and energy that Sara puts into this course and how genuine her engagement is. It never felt like once we signed up/paid for the course we were on our own. I appreciated that very much. I was also repeatedly blown away by how much knowledge and information Sara has and is willing to share and give. She has the answer to any question readily available and it is always so spot on. I love how she thinks and how her brain works!

When I began The Start my business was a wish and idea. By the end of the course, I had already had my first discovery call and was a million times more confident than when I started. The Start truly set me up with a business and the confidence that I needed to move forward and continue to work after the program ended.


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