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The Start is exactly that, a great start to a made for you career. You learn how to set yourself up for continual growth and the only thing in your way is YOU! The investment seems so great when you’re nervous about results, but I made back my investment twofold after just two months! The program was so easy to follow and fit into my busy schedule.

From NOTHING to THRIVING! I started as a very scared 9 to 5er nervous about the unknown and now I can actually say, I. AM. A. VA! I started receiving client leads as early as week 3!

By week 5, and only after my 2nd Discovery Call, I had a signed (PAID) client! By the end of that week, I had my 2nd client!

They are both dream clients that I never would have met without The Start.  The program gave me such confidence and Sara gave me the encouragement I needed to keep pushing forward and not selling myself short!

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