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Thanks to The Start I have my first discovery call EVER scheduled for next week! My business was non-existent when I began, but thanks to this program I feel excited to build the business that works for my life in any stage of life that I’m in. Sara teaches us how to make things work for ourselves, so I feel confident making adjustments as life happens. I am so grateful for The Start’s detailed information that helps me determine what to focus on and how to make things happen.

As someone who tends to research myself into an information overload, I NEEDED this weekly delivery of important information and action steps that I could start taking.  I felt like I was getting great advice from a long time friend who has “been there, done that”. It really helped with the anxiety that I felt about deciding to start my own VA business.

And even though life hit like a ton of bricks during the very first week of the program, The Start was simple enough for me to follow amidst the chaos.  This program is a game changer for me.

Nika Harris
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