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Honestly, I loved everything about The Start! I feel like I’ve learned so much. Not only about tips, tricks and tools I had no idea about, but also things I thought I was well versed in and Sara was able to showcase it in a new way I hadn’t quite learned yet. I feel like I have the confidence to really put myself out there now.

Since The Start, I’ve seen social media growth and was able to conduct my first few discovery calls with REAL POTENTIAL CLIENTS (not just friends) because I now know how to position myself on social media as an expert, rather than an imposter.

I also now know what I have to do to revamp my website in order to meet my goals: offer only services I’m PASSIONATE about, price accordingly and show up where my ideal client is.

Sara provided such valuable information and genuinely connected with her students. That was the biggest reason I chose to do The Start over many other trainings. I felt as though Sara was real and I LOVED that she took the time to personally reach out and talk to her audience/students on a 1:1 level! That’s VERY important. I was able to Like, Know and Trust her from The Start (pun intended).

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