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I was 3 months postpartum with my 2nd baby and so burned out from working as a nurse the last 10 years, I was dreading the idea of working my MLM gig in order to make somewhat of an income from home.

As someone who was a big newbie to the online workspace and virtual assisting world, I learned so much and never felt silly asking what I thought was a dumb question. The lead sharing part of Sara’s program is so valuable… I made my investment back within the first month of finishing the program. I have never had to market myself whatsoever outside of Sara’s referral system and even landed my first client before the end of The Start.

I am now fully booked in less than 2 months after being sent my first lead and have created a stable & dependable monthly income!

If you’re reading this and on the fence about it – just do it! Being successful in this is totally attainable if you show up, complete the lessons/worksheets and are motivated to get out of the box you’re currently in. There is a huge market for VA’s with the way the online space is growing… I even had to turn down 2 people in person during casual conversation when they asked what I do for work!

I’m seriously obsessed with this new work-life balance I have achieved with the help of Sara & Erin – I WILL NEVER clock in under someone else ever again or have to work on a holiday because my time off request got denied! Oh and did I mention my most recent client is paying me the same hourly wage I made as a nurse?! How cool is that?!

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