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Sara’s infectious energy, encouragement and her ability to balance strategy and impactful mindset work truly make her a one of a kind mentor. Working with Sara feels like you have someone solidly in your corner cheering you on and making you feel like the best possible version of yourself. She has a beautiful way of leading you to follow your heart without being pushy and guiding you to your truth but making you think it was you all along (even though she plays a big part in it!)

Sara supported me through booking out my capacity for VA work, building a team and then through a major pivot from virtual assisting to web design. Along the way, I was able to hit my highest income months and made them my new normal.

She helped me to become super confident in my discovery call process and sign clients easily.

My business (and life) are completely changed for the better by working with Sara. She has been the biggest cheerleader every step of the way and has truly become a lifelong friend.

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