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I’ve been a VA and OBM since 2013, but for various reasons, I was lucky enough to have several long term, referred clients so I never had to market myself. When I found myself with an opening for a new client, I didn’t really know how to start looking for one. The Start was exactly what I needed to grow my social media presence and solidify my confidence when it comes to reaching out to potential clients and providing immediate value in those early conversations.  I am now spending more time taking care of the things MY business needs rather than just doing my client work and hoping for the best. What is watered grows, but I had not been watering my business. I didn’t know how to do that effectively and I have an actual plan that I can execute now.

The Start takes a topic that feels big and vague and slightly scary (starting my own online service provider business) and turns it into daily, bite-sized steps you can take to make real progress and put yourself out there.

One of my favorite things about Sara and this program is that she is endlessly encouraging and supportive. She gives you all the information you need, and answers questions before you think to ask them.

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