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I signed up for The Start for so many reasons, and it delivered! I did not have a business when I started this program. I am someone who wants to have everything figured out when I commit to something as big as starting my own business. Yet, something about the live call Q&A with Erin and Sara, before I signed up, signaled to me this was the real deal. 

I was so ready to build a source of income that serves my life. So, I prepared myself to fully trust the process and commit to the 6 weeks. The Start cut through the noise of what not to waste my time doing. The Start truly guided me through what I should be investing my time and energy in (one day at a time) in order to start a profitable business from 0 to 1 paying client!

By the time I took my first discovery call, I was crystal clear on why I was starting a VA business, my own non-negotiables, owning my transferable skills and value, and the confidence I can learn the things I don’t already know as I go. 

Even something as small as the pre/post-discovery call ritual was golden. My shoot for the moon goal is to be able to give notice to my current full-time employer by February 2023, and if not, I’m confident I’ll land among the stars by April 2023. Before The Start, I had a dream to have autonomy over my time and location, now I have a pathway and the confidence to make it my reality.


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