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Having taken a lot of courses, this one was by far the most helpful. I appreciated the way the weeks were broken down and built upon each other. The templates and walk through videos, the support with Erin and the live group calls were all so amazing.

This course actually delivered in terms of getting me ready to take actions and start getting clients. So many promise you that but are not actually set up for success. The bonuses, templates, and support in reviewing our so-that statement and services were valuable beyond measure. I kept getting stuck on those pieces prior to this course but turns out I just needed someone to bounce my ideas off of. Erin was so great and responsive, and Sara’s energy and openness on the group calls helped make you feel less crazy and instilled confidence.

I booked one discovery call from one of the matchmaking leads, which allowed me to get my questionnaire and email templates done. I know my next clients are out there and thanks to the course I feel set up to receive them!


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