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When I signed up for The Start, I was just shy of my 2 year Business Anniversary & I had ZERO motivation or want to push forward. My inbox was quiet. I was giving bare minimum. The Start not only pushed me forward in momentum, but it rekindled the LOVE I have for what I do & gave me the confidence to not only market myself successfully, but to also show up as myself & as the expert on Discovery Calls.

The amount of value Sara provides in the six weeks of this program is AMAZING and I loved the amount of confidence I gained in myself & my business. Hello SOLID FOUNDATION & BOUNDARIES.

During The Start, had 2 Discovery Calls (my booking calendar was nothing but crickets for MONTHS beforehand), of those 2 Calls, I signed a new monthly retainer client.

The Start is packed full of value, but it’s not overwhelming or hard to digest. Sara keeps it short & sweet, but to the absolute point, which is much appreciated!

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