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The Start really helped me align with my goals and dreams. Through the course, I became very clear on what I wanted and the type of people I want to work with, based on the type of employee and person that I am. It increased my knowledge in social media and sales, and also boosted my confidence going out there and talking to people and reaching out to potential clients. I felt pretty capable on my own, but The Start really helped me learn how to be capable in the right areas.

When I started the course, I only had one client.

By week 4, I had signed another one. Now, in the final week, I have 4 total clients and am almost booked out! I was able to get off of unemployment, double my income, and get the perfect puppy coworker to help since I’m working full-time from home again.

I also had my favourite journal company (BestSelf Co.) ask me to be an ambassador for their business to share my journey.

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