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My business was nothing more than an idea when the Start started. I now have a budding IG profile, am actively positing, and am actively seeking out potential leads in order to grow my business.  The Start has given me the confidence to know I can do this, as well as tips on making calls, getting and cultivating leads, and selling my services.  I’ve also had a few leads that I’ve gotten due to being in The Start, two discovery calls to date, and I have another discovery call next week.

I have four clients now and another prospect about to sign up.

Another thing I loved about The Start was the flexibility.  Everyday at 6 AM I knew to expect an email that I could read when I woke up or whenever I chose to.  The emails were easy to read and videos were easy to watch.  I would definitely recommend The Start to others wanting to start and grow their VA businesses.

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