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When I started working with Sara, I was overwhelmed and burning out. I had a full client load, but I was working all the time and truthfully, not all of my clients were a great match.

Since working with Sara, I was able to let some clients go and book out with dream clients. 

I love how Sara focuses on celebration. I’m very much goal-oriented, and so this was new to me, but I love bringing celebration into every step forward! I’m also grateful for the work we did on boundaries. I’m a recovering people-pleaser, but I feel more confident in saying no when a request just isn’t possible or saying yes with some boundaries in place.

In my time working with Sara I got booked out, learned to let go of less-than-ideal clients, and got booked out again. I’ve already made twice as much in the first three quarters of 2020 as I did in all of 2019. Sara also helped a lot with time management and helping me to set up my schedule so I’m no longer working all of the time.

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