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Working with Sara is the best investment I’ve ever made in my business (and at the time, the first!).

She has shown so much support for myself and my business from day one. After working with Sara I’m now able to step out of an employee mindset and into an entrepreneur mindset. I’m able to give myself breaks during the day, take days off without things blowing up, and with her, I feel like there’s no limit to how much I can grow my business.

When I first started working with Sara I had been saying that I wanted to quit my job for 2 years but I was still making consistent 1-2K months and I knew that wasn’t sustainable to live off of. I came to Sara with the goal of doubling my 9-5 salary which I was able to do in 7 months. I started working with Sara in August and was able to quit my job in December. I NEVER worry about where my next lead is going to come from and I’ve been asked to be a featured speaker multiple times now to teach others. Sara also helped me launch my course and gave me all the knowledge and information I needed to do so to launch for the first time and right now I have 64 people on the waitlist!

Sara is the best human on this earth and I adore here. She’s one of the most kind, passionate, knowledgeable people I’ve ever met. She changed my business, she helped me be confident, she taught me how to position myself as an expert, she’s supportive in every way, she always has a solution or answer for every question. She is by far the best mentor I could have ever asked for and I plan to work with her for as long as possible.

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