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Day in the Life of a Virtual Assistant: Lauren Petraglia

Lauren Petraglia is a virtual assistant and the owner of LNProduction VA. Before starting her VA business, she was in healthcare doing COVID-19 clinic coordination and care for at risk populations. She said, “I had no time for anything but work. I never got to see or spend time with my family and my weekends were always at risk for mandatory OT. I ended up getting really sick and knew I couldn’t continue the work I was doing without serious risk.”

She started her VA business with the hope to have a steady income and freedom to be a whole human being, not chained to a computer, while still being able to make a difference in small businesses. She started taking clients in November 2021, is now at capacity with clients, and is currently set to gross $42,000 in her first year with room to grow. As she puts it, “There are definitely hard days, but it’s nothing in comparison to what I was doing before. I have more time with my family and can plan time off without being worried.”

Here’s a sneak peek at a Day in the Life of Lauren Petraglia:

I wake up at 6:00-6:15am.

I get ready and workout until 8:00am.

Shower and eat then start work at 9:00am. I break to eat but otherwise I like to work in one chunk.

I try to end at 2:00pm but I’m over capacity and have been working until 5ish most of this month. I should be able to go back to 2:00pm once I’m done offboarding a client.

I eat around 2:00pm and it’s usually a salad with chicken or tuna salad.

Once I’m done with client work at 2:00pm, I like to take an hour to do work for my business.

If I get my work done early I can just close my computer and enjoy the rest of my day which of course you can’t do when you work strict hours in corporate.

After work I do chores like cleaning the house or pulling weeds then I like to meditate (if I have time) for like ten minutes and play with the pets.

Once my wife gets home I get dinner heated up (I meal prep on Sundays) and we go to bed about 8:30pm

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