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1-1 Mentorship

for women who want to whip their online business into damn-good shape,

without sacrificing family movie night (every freakin’ Friday)!

“I loved working with Sara because she will 100% support you in whatever crazy dream you have, and make sure you get there without sacrificing your life.”

Jennifer Benefiel

Business Strategist

Ready to re-boot your laptop life?
Or fire the dang thing up in the first place?

 Any of this sound like you? 

  • You’re one of the following (or strive to be!): a VA or OBM. A mentor, coach or consultant. OR a social media manager, graphic designer, web designer, copywriter, ads strategist, or any other kind of done-for-you service provider online.
  • Your biz is booming but you’re le S-T-R-E-S-S-E-D! You can’t take a day off without things blowing up. You’re chained to Slack, ClickUp, Instagram, Dubsado and your phone because your clients are filled with “emergencies.”  You want to jump off the chaos loop, so you can take a breather to re-build. But you don’t have a single square of whitespace on your G.Cal to even take a lunch break without one eye glued to Asana!
  • You’ve been saying you want to quit your job for 2 years. Problem is your side hustle is making $1-2k per month, and that’s not sustainable to live off of! You have a goal of doubling your 9-5 paycheck so you can hand in your 2-weeks. But you have no clue how you’ll find the clients (or the confidence) to get you there.
  • Your online biz is hurting, and it’s time for a glow up. Maybe it’s because your “foundation” was built on 37 million freebies, or a couple-o courses, but no tried & true bedrock that would actually help you thrive. Either way, it’s time to stop flopping around because you, ma’am, will NOT be returning to your 9-5. It’s online biz or BUST — and you’re ready to fall in love with your biz again.
  • You’re ready to mentor others! Maybe you’re a busy VA or service provider, and you know in your heart you’re destined to teach others your ways so THEY can ditch their 9-5 like you did. You’re excited to pass the torch via your 1:1 program (or something like it!). And make hella scaleable income in the process.
  • You have big dreams of launching a course! Or becoming an agency that offers high-level support packages with dream clients and a dream team. You’re ready to diversify your income with scalable products. You want to start the process within the next 6 months so you can set the foundation to make more without working more. But between clients & Mom duty…” is that even possible?”

You’re facing a critical point. Which direction do you choose?

The road to the south is more of the same…

The road to the north is the “Life First Business” you meant to start in the first place…

More groundhog weeks on repeat. Working 40+ hours when that’s not what you wanted. Feeling like you’re on-call around the clock & responding to emails while you breast/bottle feed (I’ve literally done that).

Doubting whether or not you’re “doing this right” any time a peer announces her waitlist is 3 months long on Instagram. Secretly feeling embarrassed that you’ve lost control of your business while you throw the towel in on ever reaching your first $100k year.

You’ll still dream of launching a digital offer. Or hiring some VAs and passing off the implementation to them. But you don’t know how to hire reliable team members and the transition is le dificil to say the least.
“That Chillpreneur book I read should have been filed as a fantasy novel,” you think. Cuz you sure as heck don’t understand how to *actually* pull it off!

Where every morning’s a slow morning. Time freedom is REAL. And you never miss a Thursday date night with your spouse again.

Your business is running smooth as the silk you now easily afford. You have a steady stream of clients who are paying higher prices, and your reputation’s so stellar — there’s a waitlist to work with you.

You’ve hired a mini dream team (if that’s part of your vision). You effortlessly rocket-launch into your highest month in business ($5k? $10k? $20k and more? The world is your oyster — with plenty ‘o dollars swimming towards your bank account).

You know in your heart you’re doing what you came here to do. Life is freakin’ fantastic. And you’re always there to get your kiddo off the bus.

“I went from 0 clients and just an idea
to 7 clients and 5k months.”

Fran Moore

Fran Moore, Virtual Assistant and Business Mentor

But wait… before we move on

I need you to not only read what I’m about to say, but to start believing it in your bones:

It is 100% possible to create the impact & income you desire in your business without pushing your needs out the door and constantly being in overwhelm-mode.

And I’m Two-Million% confident I can help you get there.

Cool? COOL!

“Mentoring sessions with Sara feel so easy and comfortableyou’re just talking to a friend who is going to help you level up in your biz!”

Steph Orosco

Virtual Assistant Coach & Mentor

You’re already next-level brag-worthy

I mean look at you, lady!

You set out to create an amazing, virtual online business in service of other entrepreneurs because you…

a. love a good challenge (heck, that’s what makes you so good at what you do, right?)

b. desire to leverage your talent to make an income working for yourself so that you get to call the shots instead of always giving your power away to the man and…

c. you actually, seriously, really care about doing good on this Earth.

And the grit & leap of faith it took for you to get here? Dang, women — you deserve a freakin’ spa day!

But here’s what the others forgot: your online business is not a one-size-fits-all operation

Which is why you’ll never see me fit YOUR unique needs into a rigid square box that half the internet thinks you need.

Which is the REAL beauty of 1:1 mentoring.

And my fits-for-YOU-and-only-YOU approach is what’ll net you your quickest and biggest results. When we’re constantly custom-tailoring our work to the ebbs, flows, twists and turns of online business — you succeed faster. Not to mention, we actually look at where you’re starting, what your life looks like, where you wanna go next, and which big, dreamy goals you want to hit first!

Because the truth is… not every business looks the same.

Sometimes you need:




A cheerleader who’s not your partner or friend


A meltdown!

A vent sesh!

To run a business for yourself but not by yourself

Figuring out where the heck your courage ran off to

Advice from a human who helps build online service provider businesses all the live-long day who “actually gets it!”

Other times you need:

Actionable steps

40+ templates & systems to make your business run easy (budgeting, hiring, contracts, podcast pitching etc.)

A piping hot referral network

Step-by-steps for launching your first (or next) online course or program

Private consulting to better service YOUR unique clients

A plan for taking a maternity leave

How to *actually* work less and earn more (with a tailored-to-you “Time to Scale” transition plan)

New structuring for your business so you can fall in love with it again

 So whaddya say?

 So whaddya say?

Ditch expectations and give yourself full freedom to design your life exactly the way you want it to go.

A few examples of what that looks like: if you only have 20 hours per week to make your full-time salary — that’s what we’ll do. If you’re allergic AF to Instagram, it won’t be part of your marketing plan. If you don’t want to squeeze work in during your 2-year old’s naptime, cool with me!

And if it makes sense for you to do something toooootally “backwards” by [INSERT BUSINESS GURU]’s standards — then get ready queen! We’re about to give those patriarchal business books a run for their freaking money.

“When I started working with Sara, I felt like my business was owning me, not the freedom business we all dream of lol. I thought there was only ONE WAY to scale my business. Together with Sara, I not only discovered what felt in alignment with my values, what clients I wanted to work with and how I wanted to show up in my business, but I also built the confidence to charge what I’m worth, to set boundaries and to say no to projects or clients that don’t feel like the right fit.

Over the last six months working with Sara, I was able to scale to my highest month in business (>8k with no team!), I’m working with my absolute dream clients and I get to spend my afternoons hiking, on my SUP or just reading a book!”

Bettina Herz

Online Business Manager

“When I started working with Sara, I felt like my business was owning me, not the freedom business we all dream of lol. I thought there was only ONE WAY to scale my business. Together with Sara, I not only discovered what felt in alignment with my values, what clients I wanted to work with and how I wanted to show up in my business, but I also built the confidence to charge what I’m worth, to set boundaries and to say no to projects or clients that don’t feel like the right fit.

Over the last six months working with Sara, I was able to scale to my highest month in business (>8k with no team!), I’m working with my absolute dream clients and I get to spend my afternoons hiking, on my SUP or just reading a book!”

Bettina Herz

Online Business Manager

Start, scale or totally revamp your
perfect-for-YOU biz in 6 months


1:1 Mentorship with Sara Wiles

6 months of private mentorship for online service providers to start, scale, or totally revamp their businesses. Especially those whose adrenals (and relationships!) are begging for their Burnout Escape — and build a Life First business instead.

Here’s what this program affords you:

A profitable online business that works for your life, not the other way around — even if you’re newer at this

Exact steps & the 6-month plan to get you to your dream biz, whether that’s making your client-load more manageable or offering mentorship services for the first time

Exclusive access to my referral network so you have hot, crazy-qualified, ready-to-pay leads banging down your door

An A-Z marketing plan that’s SIMPLE to do. And speaks directly to your intended audience so they trickle in consistently, setting you up for long-term success (“peace out, feast & famine mode, you were stressful AF!”)

Expert guidance for bestowing White Glove Service for your clients. You’ll not only become the master of running YOUR business — but you’ll become (dare I say) overly qualified at running theirs

Hand-holding when the sh*t hits the fan and you need support taking care of yourself if found stress-eating pita chips, hunched over your MacBook at 1:30 in the morning (not on my watch, woman)

Unlimited access to 40+ proven templates, systems & processes you can use in your business AND your clients’ (when you have tried-and-true systems from a professional you trust — your confidence will SOAR)

Massive amounts of accountability & cheerleading so that you can be in business for yourself — not by yourself

Feeling totally satisfied in your career while contributing big time to your family, their bank account and most importantly — their memories.

We’ll start with your dream — then work backwards

Because that’s what works.

Sara here! My story began one fateful work conference… spent breast-pumping. Leaky boobs aside, by Sunday night, I knew I was DONE living the corporate life. And even more done spending time away from my 13-month old son.

So I took my dream and started working backwards.

9 months into my VA business (something I previously knew nothing about!), I had already generated $48,003.79 in income. 8 months later, I hired 8 subcontractors & hit that shiny $100k benchmark.

After scaling my own done-for-you business to 10K+ months…

I went on to help clients exceed their financial goals their FIRST month in business.

Book 7 discovery calls in 2 weeks.

Leave their 9-5s.

And go from no business — to booked out with a waitlist in 2 months.

My typical work week sits at a whopping 20-25 hours.

And I’m making more money (and more Friday margaritas) than ever before.
I’m the master of taking big, scary, lofty, exciting, overwhelming dreams that feel almost impossible to obtain and breaking them down into efficient, personalized bite-sized steps that get you from idea to reality way quicker than you would on your own.

Before jumping head first into entrepreneurship I spent 8 years planning, producing and executing high-end (and a few celebrity) corporate events.

I can plan my way to any goal, and that’s exactly what we’ll do with you.

Here’s how mentorship works:

You probably know WHAT you want, but have no idea HOW to get there. Here’s where you’ll bridge that gap.

While working under your business operations umbrella, you’ll:

  • Paint your big, scary overwhelming picture, and establish it as the North Star for where you want to be 6 months from now
  • Break that goal down into bite-sized actionable pieces
  • Craft a step-by-step path towards your new-and-improved business
  • Slowly execute on those action pieces until you start getting that “holy moly, amazing sh*t is finally happening!!” feeling
  • Build & implement new systems & boundaries
  • Watch your business shape-shift as you make tangible progress towards your dream life

Your support will extend well beyond your business — and into your clients.

Throughout your 6-months, you’ll receive top-notch consulting on:

  • Real-time answers to tricky client questions as they arise
  • Unexpected service-provider issues that will inevitably surface
  • Must-know details to execute more efficiently on your client projects and impress their socks off
  • Unknown best practices for handling the never-ending string of random nuances that comes with online biz
  • Little-known tips for servicing your clients via the White Glove Method so you create raving fans who adore you, re-hire you & refer you to everyone

The biggest problem most business owners face in the online done-for-you space is getting paying clients. Lucky for you, I run a Matchmaking Service that attracts dozens of ready-to-hire dream clients every single month.

Luckily for you, I rush a Matchmaking Service that attracts dozens of ready-tp-hire dream clients every single month. And as a 1:1 mentorship client, you’ll get first dibs on my peeps. You’ll:

  • Receive 6 months exclusive access to my uber-qualified network of hot leads
  • Work with clients who were ready to sign on with you yesterday
  • Come to me (Sara!) if you have a freak-out moment before running your sales call with your can’t-wait-to-pay-you dream client
  • Build crazy amounts of confidence by DOING
  • Stop pitching free services & hone your skills while getting PAID instead!

You don’t need anything crazy, but you DO need a marketing plan. Problem is, most people over-complicate this, especially when they hear the M word.

While working under your marketing umbrella, you’ll:

  • Build a SIMPLE marketing plan that makes sense for your business life
  • Leverage my “Identify & Infiltrate” system for scoring dream clients who would normally have been impossible to meet by chance
  • Get unlimited access to my systems & templates
  • Custom-create a plan that gets you off the draining hamster-wheel of content creation and on one that connects with your audience (the efficient way!)
  • Use the exact methods I used to help a client book 7 discovery calls in 2 weeks
  • Triple your lead volume so you can fire your PITA clients & replace ‘em with high-paying dreamies

Your business success is directly tied to your mindset! And starting a business will bring out all of your sneaky little mindset gremlins.

While working under your mindset umbrella, you’ll:

  • Work on limiting beliefs that are keeping your prices lower than they should be
    Karate-chop stress using a 3-step reframing method that saves MY butt during my most trying moments
  • Get tangible support during your next meltdown
  • Stop flopping around in your business, so you can get decisive & grow
  • Develop a unique-to-you mindset practice that fills YOUR cup so you can fill others
  • Hit deploy on my “Behind The Scenes Boundaries” method so you never Slack later than you need to be Slacking ever again
  • Feel in love with your life again

Email scripts, templates & documented systems make the world go round. They’re also 99.99% responsible for building a business that frees your life up. Problem is, most service-providers think they need to reinvent the wheel. Not you though.

As a 1:1 mentorship client, you’ll:

  • Get unlimited access to 40+ templates, scripts & systems
  • Access the exact documents that have been KEY to my business for the last 4+ years (both while I was solo and operating with a fully-firing team)
  • Grow faster by having most of the guess work taken out
  • Use my client contracts, revenue forecasters, podcasts pitches, event budgets, and more — both for your business and the business of your clients’
  • Tick a thousand hours of tasks off your to-do list

Here’s what your 6-month mentorship includes:


We’ll kick off our work together with a 2-hour Intensive so I can get to know you and how best to support you STAT. Then, we’ll do twelve 45-minute 1:1 sessions of laser coaching. We’ll deep dive into every layer of your business & operate on your mindset when needed. This is where the bulk of our work happens + the true lynchpin for change.


Unlimited Slack chats with Sara so we can work through challenges, KEEP YOUR DREAM ON TRACK, and celebrate wins between sessions.


Easily plan out your financial goals + offerings using the Business Foundations PDF. It’s like a mini-smack down for your numbers (that’ve been oh-so vague up to this point). Promise I’ll be gentle, but this has been known to make wallets thicker at the end.


Plug-n-play templates, including contracts, podcast pitches, social media management, content planning, and more. Access the same critical documents that have kept my biz running seamlessly for years.


Aka piping hot leads, lady! Get exclusive access to my private referral network. I’ll personally connect you with high-quality clients who were ready to pay you yesterday.



My mastermind-style community filled with like-minded women. It exists so service-providers can run their businesses better. With less facepalmy mis-steps.

And more biz friends who get you.

Your extra support inside The Source™ includes:

  • New friends! (everyone inside is a service-provider just like you)
  • 35+ ON-DEMAND TRAININGS you can put to use to get fast results
  • EXTRA Hot Seats with Sara (hosted LIVE!)
  • MONTHLY live Masterclasses with Q&A
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • Skill School™ Access jam-packed with guest experts

You’ll also…


The Marketing Masterclass

The Instagram Stories Masterclass

Asana SetUp + Organization Masterclass

Time Management Masterclass

The Content Planning + Repurposing Masterclass

The Pricing & Packaging Masterclass

The Discovery Calls Masterclass

The Client Onboarding Masterclass

The Referral Systems Masterclass

Team Hiring & Management Training

How to Design Back Pocket Offers

Launching, Goal Setting & Rate Increases Masterclasses

Anti-Racism Training with Lettie Shumate

Time Tracking, Invoicing + Late Payment Systems

Legal 101

Mindset 101

List-Building 101

5 Star Client Management

The Masterclass on Masterclasses

All About Waitlists

How to Run Better Client Onboarding Calls

Creating a Feel-Good Post-Discovery Call Process

How to Create an Online Course

+ more added every month!

See? Told you you’d get everything I have!

“Belonging to THE SOURCE is like having a safety net. Just knowing that Sara and the other members are there when I need them brings so much peace of mind! ”

Theresa Babylon

Virtual Assistant

Here’s the entire kit & kaboodle at-a-glance…

✓ 2 Hour Intensive

✓ 12 Private Coaching Sessions

✓ 6 Months Unlimited Slack Messaging with Sara

✓ Business Operations Training

✓ Marketing Mastery Training

✓ Mindset Training

✓ The Business Foundations Blueprint

✓ 40+ Templates, Scripts, Systems & Processes

✓ Leads, Referrals + Exclusive Access to Sara’s network

✓ BONUS: 6 months’ access to the Source™

✓ BONUS: 35+ on-demand trainings via the Source™

✓ BONUS: Accountability, Biz Friendships & Community via the Source™ Private Facebook Group

6 payments of


1 Single payment of


What past clients want you to know…

Erin went from no business to fully booked in less than 6 months, even though she had never even heard of “virtual assistance.”

Katelyn went from having 0 clients and making no money in her OBM business to hitting her first $5k month… and continuing to grow her biz to fully booked!

“I actually TRIPLED my monthly income in the month I worked with Sara! You can’t beat the ROI!” – Theresa Babylon

Give me 1 dream + 6 months!
And I’m 20000% confident: something BIG will happen

Brittany went from $0 to $23k months in under a year

“When I started working with Sara, I was just coming back from putting my business on hold for almost a year due to family matters. I had 0 clients and $0. Now I have a dream OBM Agency with dream clients and a dream team, two courses, mentoring clients, AND a high level launch package support. I went from $0 to $23k months in under a year (projecting my first $30k month within the next 3 months). Working with Sara changed everything for me.” Brittany Keeling, CEO at Be Elevated

Alina went from major low point in her biz — to doubling her income & doing a total 180

“Sara is SO easy to talk to! I was a little lost and had reached a point in my business where I had no idea if anything I was doing was right or what the next steps were – and when I started I was a little nervous and I felt almost embarrassed to have lost control of my own business, but within minutes of talking to her, I knew I could come to her with any problem I was having in my business, no matter how bizarre I thought it was.

After 6 months of working with Sara, I more than doubled my income AND in the middle of a pandemic, at that! I realized what clients were right for me, and which ones weren’t, and my entire roster changed to reflect absolute alignment.” – Alina Scarcella

Frannie booked out her client schedule for her ad agency

“While working with Sara I booked out my client schedule, landed 3 podcast interviews, and built a solid strategy for finding and landing both media features and new clients! Sara’s confidence is such a helpful motivator and makes me feel more confident in myself and to stand strong in my value and own my sh*t. Previously I was a bit at a loss as to how I would find new clients because the strategies I had were going after the wrong people where now I know where and how to find my ideal clients which is so priceless!” – Frannie Coggeshall, founder of Elevate Her Marketing (Facebook Ads Agency)

Michele went from under $1000 per month to consistent $6800 months

“I was scared as actual F to invest in myself in this way. Literally stalked Sara online for MONTHS before being unable to NOT click that button. I am so so so so happy that I made the move, she helped me to create the beginnings of a business that is and will continue to provide my daughter and I with all we would need.

When I came to Sara I was making *maybe* $800-$1000 a month… Now, 6 months later I am bringing in $6,800 a month with ease and grace surrounded with dreamy clients!” – Michele Overholt

Jennifer went from side hustle to consistent $8,000-$10,000 months…

“Within the first 3 months of working with Sara, I had a booked out business and constantly have stayed booked out now for 8+ months. When I first started, I was bringing in around $1600-2k a month with only a few clients who were not ideal, and a year later I have a booked out business with dream clients and I am bringing in $8-10k months. I have easily hired multiple team members so I do not always have to be working in my business.” – Jennifer Benefiel, COO + Business Strategist at Jennifer Benefiel

Becca doubled her 9-5 salary in 7 months

“Working with Sara is the best investment I’ve ever made in my business (and at the time, the first!). When I first started working with Sara I had been saying that I wanted to quit my job for 2 years but I was still making consistent 1-2K months and I knew that wasn’t sustainable to live off of. I came to Sara with the goal of doubling my 9-5 salary which I was able to do in 7 months. I NEVER worry about where my next lead is going to come from! Sara also gave me all the knowledge and information I needed to launch my course for the first time. Right now I have 64 people on the waitlist!” – Becca Martin, copywriter

Maggie booked out her VA services in the first 5 weeks (then quit her job!)

“Working with Sara is life-changing. Not only was it an amazing investment for the success of my business but working with her has made me a better human. Sara’s knowledge, motivation, wisdom, and connections helped me to book out my VA services in the first 5 weeks. She’s mentored me for 7 weeks and I already want to cry thinking about what’s going to happen when the four months is up.

Working with Sara was HANDS DOWN the best investment I could have made for myself + my business.

Sara’s mentoring has played an integral role in making my dreams of retiring from my 9-5 and working from home on my terms a reality. And she helped make these dreams happen in weeks, not years!” – Maggie May Pemberton, VA Coach + Biz Mentor at Maggie May

Amanda went from 0 to booked out and $6500 months

“Working with Sara had been a goal of mine in my business from the very beginning and when I finally started working with her she exceeded all of my expectations and more! Sara taught me the importance of doing mindset work and how it can affect my business and how I see myself and my clients, so through all of that I have been able to see myself as confident OBM who is good at what I do and serves clients well and am able to cut through all the negative self-talk that can come with being a business owner.

When I first started working with her I had lost all of my clients due to the pandemic, so I was starting at basically 0 (money and clients). After a year of working together, I am at a steady $6,500 months and have been consistently booked out for months!

Sara has been the biggest support in my business, both in the strategy of getting my business up and running and in the behind the scenes of how I approach my business and my mindset. She is such a kind-hearted person who cares about your business from day 1. She is always there to support you but also give you a kick in the butt if you’re not doing what you know you should be doing. I never have felt that I was just another number to her or that our time together was just something she had to get through. Sara is a great mentor for done-for-you service providers, whether they’re just starting out and need strategy and guidance or are in a period of growth and need more advanced support.” – Amanda McVicker, Amanda McVicker & Co. | Online Business Manager

Here’s the entire kit & kaboodle at-a-glance…

✓ 2 Hour Intensive

✓ 12 Private Coaching Sessions

✓ 6 Months Unlimited Slack Messaging with Sara

✓ Business Operations Training

✓ Marketing Mastery Training

✓ Mindset Training

✓ The Business Foundations Blueprint

✓ 40+ Templates, Scripts, Systems & Processes

✓ Leads, Referrals + Exclusive Access to Sara’s network

✓ BONUS: 6 months’ access to the Source™

✓ BONUS: 35+ on-demand trainings via the Source™

✓ BONUS: Accountability, Biz Friendships & Community via the Source™ Private Facebook Group

6 payments of


1 Single payment of


Ready to make something incredible happen this year?

“Sara is the most genuine, understanding, and positive mentor I could ask for. From Day 1, she encouraged me to put myself first, always, which you don’t really see a lot from coaches or mentors in the online space.

As a business owner who is high-functioning with depression and anxiety, it means the world to me to have someone who always pushed me to give myself space when I needed it, and asked the hard questions when I needed it. Sara also walks the walk with work-life balance and that has encouraged me to do that for myself as well.

Since working with Sara, my business is MUCH more streamlined with offers that work for me AND for my ideal clients which means MORE clients and GREATER revenue each month. She has also empowered me to raise my prices and start saying “no” to clients who don’t suit me, which was beyond freeing. I also now have an email list to nurture and sell to, which I didn’t before. Her knowledge of running a service-based business is incredible and absolutely worth every bit of my investment.

I would venture to say that Sara is THE mentor to work with if you want to launch and scale your done-for-you business. Sara knows her shit and she will be your teacher and cheerleader the whole way through!”

Kailan Kalina

Kailan Kalina – Copywriter

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