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Get high-touch, personalized support to create your Life-First Business®

Hey Friend:

If your business isn’t allowing you to truly live your life, then you don’t own a business.

Your business owns you.

👆And that’s exactly what I’ve helped hundreds of women-owned businesses fix.

Your turn, babe.

Packing your schedule with clients isn’t the issue.

In fact, it’s difficult for you to find a spare moment on your calendar to eat more than a few handfuls of Goldfish crackers.

But the darker side of that is that you’re stressed to the max. You need to make more money but that requires more time…

…and you’ve already cut out hobbies, a yoga class you were really looking forward to, and your mindset practice. 😬

You see others out there making it work—having time and energy to launch and scale with courses and programs and still have time to go to the gym and keep their monstera alive?

You dream of having just a fraction of the work-life balance they have. But you’re stuck on how to make it happen.

What you need:

The hours you work to bring in MORE revenue, in half the time.

It’s time for a plan that truly allows you to scale your business with ease, so you can take that one-of-a-kind service of yours to the masses…

Kailan Kalina
  • “Sara is THE mentor to work with if you want to launch and scale your business.”

“Sara is the most genuine, understanding, and positive mentor I could ask for. From Day 1, she encouraged me to put myself first, always, which you don’t really see a lot from coaches or mentors in the online space.
As a business owner who is high-functioning with depression and anxiety, it means the world to me to have someone who always pushed me to give myself space when I needed it, and asked the hard questions when I needed it. Sara also walks the walk with work-life balance and that has encouraged me to do that for myself as well.

Since working with Sara, my business is MUCH more streamlined with offers that work for me AND for my ideal clients which means MORE clients and GREATER revenue each month. She has also empowered me to raise my prices and start saying “no” to clients who don’t suit me, which was beyond freeing. I also now have an email list to nurture and sell to, which I didn’t before. Her knowledge of running a service-based business is incredible and absolutely worth every bit of my investment.

I would venture to say that Sara is THE mentor to work with if you want to launch and scale your done-for-you business. Sara knows her shit and she will be your teacher and cheerleader the whole way through!”

Kailan Kalina
Kailan Kalina – Copywriter

Burning out is not an option, honey.

So, when you’re ready to…

…train with the coach that makes 10X her corporate salary, and still has time to pick up her kiddo each day

…build the kind of relaxed business that only comes from intentional expert planning

…get a map AND guide trusted by more than 17.7K business owners around the world

…build a Life-First Business with the time and money freedom to travel, give generously, upgrade your life or whatever the heck else you’ve been dreaming

…skip the wait and burnout time most business owners go through before they finally start building a business that can run with less of them

Let’s burst through that revenue ceiling of yours and build a business that allows you to breathe again…



6 months of personalized coaching to take your business in the direction of your goals and dream life.
  • 2-hr kick-off intensive so I can get to know you and how best to support you from the jump
  • (2) 45-minute laser coaching sessions each month to dive deep into every layer of your business to locate those areas that will give you the biggest returns
  • Unlimited Slack chats with me so we can work through challenges, keep your dream on track, and celebrate wins between sessions

Shannon McKinstrie

Social Media Strategist + Mentor

Shannon went from working for pennies to over $70k in revenue from her course.

When I started working with Sara, I was drowning in client work, working for pennies, and beginning to resent the business I spent years building. She helped me put simple systems in place so I could better serve my clients and spend more time with family and focus on myself as well! She also gave me the confidence I’ve been severely lacking so I could begin charging my worth, work with dream clients, and run my business on my own terms. She immediately brought me so much clarity and helped me restructure my business so I could finally begin scaling.

With Sara’s guidance, I was able to create a course that has made over $70k so far in my business and it’s allowed me to make a greater impact and I’m forever grateful. The results were practically instant and my revenue has more than doubled (and working hours have been cut in half) since working with her.

Sara truly cares about your overall well being. She goes above and beyond which you don’t see a lot of these days, especially in this industry. She is a shoulder to cry on and is there for the good, bad, and the ugly. I have been able to truly build the business of my dreams because of her incredible insight and mentorship

Emily launched her first course with a 66% conversion rate.

Sara has helped me grow so much as a business owner in such a short time. She feels like a best friend who’s just SUPER SMART about creating, maintaining, and growing the business YOU want to create for yourself..not one by anyone else’s standards.

I am so thankful for her help with onboarding a team member, scaling my business, maintaining consistent clients, leveling up my client experience, and holding my hand through every single mindset spiral . She has helped me successfully create, record, and launch my first course! I converted 66% of my waitlist and sold WAY more than I ever thought I would.

If you need someone to help you grow or scale your business but you’re scared and worried of messing up, doing the wrong thing, or burning out…Sara Wiles is your answer. She is everything you never knew you needed!

Emily Schwalbach

Emily Schwalbach

Jennifer Benefiel

COO + Business Strategist at Jennifer Benefiel

Jennifer went from side-hustle to consistent $8,000-$10,000 months…

“Within the first 3 months of working with Sara, I had a booked out business and constantly have stayed booked out now for 8+ months. When I first started, I was bringing in around $1600-2k a month with only a few clients who were not ideal, and a year later I have a booked out business with dream clients and I am bringing in $8-10k months.

I have easily hired multiple team members so I do not always have to be working in my business.

Amanda went from 0 to booked out and $6,500 months!

Working with Sara had been a goal of mine in my business from the very beginning and when I finally started working with her she exceeded all of my expectations and more! Sara taught me the importance of doing mindset work and how it can affect my business and how I see myself and my clients, so through all of that I have been able to see myself as confident OBM who is good at what I do and serves clients well and am able to cut through all the negative self-talk that can come with being a business owner.

When I first started working with her I had lost all of my clients due to the pandemic, so I was starting at basically 0 (money and clients). After a year of working together, I am at a steady $6,500 months and have been consistently booked out for months!

Sara has been the biggest support in my business, both in the strategy of getting my business up and running and in the behind the scenes of how I approach my business and my mindset. She is such a kind-hearted person who cares about your business from day 1. She is always there to support you but also give you a kick in the butt if you’re not doing what you know you should be doing. I never have felt that I was just another number to her or that our time together was just something she had to get through. Sara is a great mentor for done-for-you service providers, whether they’re just starting out and need strategy and guidance or are in a period of growth and need more advanced support.

Amanda McVicker

Amanda McVicker & Co. Online Business Manager