Virtual Service Provider

If you’re looking to find a Virtual Assistant, Online Business Manager, Social Media Manager, Graphic Designer or Web Designer, look no further. I offer a completely free online service provider matchmaking service to connect you with the right support ASAP.

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Using my network of prescreened, high-quality, high-performing service providers you’ll save yourself the headache of doing the heavy lifting + searching yourself, the heartache of wasting your time with low-quality providers and end up with the right match the first time.

To apply for a match, fill out the form below.

Once you fill out the form, please allow 3-4 business days for a response from my team with a connection to your potential matches. Depending on the interest from our network, you may be paired with several matches so that you have a wide range of folks to select from!

What service provider are you looking for?
Example: a specific country or time zone, availability, specialized skillset or experience, a specific tool or software they would need to have experience in, etc.
Please note that VAs usually range from $25-$45/hour, OBMs usually range from $45-$75/hour, and Specialist Roles vary.
(i.e. someone who is currently on your team or someone you've connected with in the past who you've already determined was not a good fit)

“A friend pointed me to Sara’s matchmaking service and I am so deeply grateful that I found her! What an amazing (and completely free!) service she offers.

She received my application and responded right away with 2 great OBM referrals. I could tell she actually READ my application, because both the people she sent me were really great fits. Unfortunately I could only hire one of them! I spoke to a couple of people who didn’t come via Sara, and Sara’s clients were far above the rest in terms of skill, clarity, listening to my needs, and clearly communicating how they could help me.

I felt confident hiring the OBM I went with because she had been through Sara’s program. This service is a GOLD MINE. I gotta say Sara’s a genius for coming up with this offer — what a way to give back to her clients and give forward to other business owners!”

Johanna Walker

Speaking Coach and Storytelling Expert,

“Before going to Sara for her matchmaking service, I was truly stuck with having the right operational support in my business. I trusted Sara’s expert advice and know she’s top in the game when it comes to done for you service provider experience.

Sara matched me up with a highly skilled VA who quickly showed what a phenomenal leader she was and perfect fit for a management / leadership role. Sara’s recommendation is now my OBM and has organized backend processes I’ve been needing to nail down for months.

We’ve just passed the 6-figure mark in our current launch and it’s looking to be a multi 6 figure launch and that would NOT have been possible without the operational support from Sara’s match! If you’re needing done for you team support, do yourself a favor and work with Sara through her matchmaking service! She’s pure gold!!!”

Cait Scudder

Online Business Coach and Success Mentor,

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