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Happy Magic

Your magic wand to a better mindset and happier life in 8 weeks through simple but powerful journal prompts.
  • After completing Happy Magic, my business started growing tremendously

After completing Happy Magic, my business started growing tremendously, my relationship grew stronger, I started to eat healthier again, and most importantly I began feeling HAPPY all the time regardless of what was happening on the outside (which let’s face it, it was mostly all great and magical things at this point). I literally feel like my emotional intelligence went up by at least 20 points.

Barbara Luliano

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You hear it all the time…

“Journal! Journaling changes everything! Mindset work is like, SO. IMPORTANT!” 
(said in our best former sorority girl voices)
And while you see some truth to it, it’s also… annoying (just like our sorority girl voices 🤪).

Because when you even *think* of putting pen to paper your mind goes blank…

“What am I supposed to journal on again?”

“What does doing mindset work even mean?”

“Am I doing this right?”

“Is this all just a massive waste of time?”

And you’re truly not alone.

The thing that can be so frustrating about journaling and mindset work is that it’s actually wildly simple and if you’re anything like us, your brain just can’t let go and let it be easy.

That’s where Happy Magic comes in.
Happy Magic is designed to make all of this a LOT easier. With our perfectly curated daily journal prompts, you’ll be surprised at how much it really takes off your plate.
Happy Magic helps you…
  • Create a consistent mindset and journaling practice
  • Eliminate all the mindset guesswork
  • Know exactly what you’ll be journaling on each day to get results
  • Keep it REALLY simple so it can actually start to work (because you’ll actually do it)

Truth Time:

Journaling has changed A LOT for us.

And we don’t say that lightly.

If you had known us in our former sorority girl days, you would not recognize the humans you see now. 

Not just in terms of creating businesses, living our dreams, etc.

But in terms of how we feel, how we engage with the world, and how we navigate our lives on a daily basis.

And ya know what changed most of that?

Shifting our mindset. And you know how we did a lot of that?


And that’s why we’re here. To help more people create an intentional life they’re excited to wake up to each day.

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Quick reality check:

We’re not here to promise you that everything in your life and business will change in one round of journaling.

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It could, but it also might not.

But we CAN promise that having a daily journal practice that takes you step-by-step into uncovering your biggest blocks will only ever support you in getting more of what you want. 

Especially because we not only give you the structure, but we challenge you to pick ONE area of focus to bring to life.

Having the simplicity, ease, clarity, and decision behind ONE thing truly has been life-altering for us. 

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Ultimately, Happy Magic is built to be a resource that brings you back to you…

…One that gives you an easy way to do mindset work without staring at a blank journal page and hoping the right words come to you, fast.

…That gives you permission to have that simplicity you’re craving. Permission to let this one thing be easy.

…That reminds you that you don’t have to get everything you could ever want all at once, but you can work toward those enormous goals of yours while enjoying the process of getting them.

  • “Happy magic is an investment that pays off again and again!

Don’t hesitate to invite more clarity, magic, and creation into your life! The daily journaling prompts were a game-changer for me. I am not a big “journal person”, but I journaled EVERY DAY thanks to this program and gained lots of clarity, trust, and confidence from that.”

Elisa Becker

  • “I loved Happy Magic!

It doesn’t overcomplicate your thinking and instead gives you a quick, consistent container for working on your mindset and manifesting what you want.

The daily prompts were easy to access and kept me on track throughout the program. By the end of the experience, I had increased my clarity and happiness after realizing I was focusing too much on the how.”

Danielle Uhl

  • It’s definitely revealing and you get to see what you’re willing to do and believe to make your goals a reality.

“Happy Magic gave me more clarity around my goal and how I could actually make it more specific (not rigid) so I could more directly move towards what I want. It definitely gave me more confidence and belief that it was totally possible!

It also helped me get more visible and I was invited to be on a podcast!”

Manisha Tare

  • My Happy Magic goal was to start my own business and I did just that.

“I was also in The Start program at the time so they went hand in hand but the mindset piece was crucial in getting to this goal and feeling confident in doing so. I loved the daily email that helped keep me accountable and consistent. If you’re not consistent with mindset work but understand the importance of it for your life (and business), start here.”

Alyse Meyers

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Here’s the nitty-gritty of what that looks like:
Pre-work + 5-Step Happy Magic Process Workbook Focused on these key areas:
  • Certainty
  • Concerns
  • Conscious Action
  • Course Correction
  • Creation
  • 8 weeks of notes from us (seriously!)
  • 8 weeks of journal prompts and affirmations (we’re serious on this one too!)

Questions others have asked before saying “Yes!” to Happy Magic…

Forever, friend. Once you sign up, the prompts are yours for as long as you keep them around!

A PDF for easy access to the prompts. We used to send them via email, but we found it’s easy for those to get lost and most of our folks have come back to these again and again so we’ve found a PDF is the easiest way to make that happen.

Grab your PDF anytime you need a refresh! Some of our folks love to start at Day 1 each time, and some love to jump to the section they need most at the time (looking at you, ‘concerns’ 🤪)

Literally, as long as you want. We know some past students say they just answer the prompts in their head and that feels awesome for them and others spend considerable time pouring into this each day (60+ minutes). For us, we vacillate a lot between the two. The point is, there’s no right way to do it, aside from just doing it.

No worries. We ALL do. Just pick up where you left off. The beauty of this is you don’t have to keep up with anyone or anything but yourself. The prompts are always here for you to return to at any time. 

This isn’t an “if you’re not all in you’re out” type of program. This is a “it’s always here waiting for you when you’re ready” structure. 

Think of it like your friendly golden retriever who is always waiting with a tail wag for you no matter how long you are away 😊