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Love Notes From Clients

some of my biggest accomplishments… weren’t by me

They were achieved by the mompreneurs, travel-lovin-ladies & bad-ass humans I’ve mentored — using silly amounts of step-by-steps & zero rah-rah fluff.

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Listen to Katelyn’s story of going from having 0 clients and making no money in her OBM business to hitting her first $5k month… and continuing to grow her biz to be fully booked!

Listen to Erin’s story on how she got started as a VA, how she went from no business to fully booked in less than 6 months, and how mentoring helped in making it happen.

Listen to how Nikki went from having only a few informal clients to being booked out and on track for her first $5k month!

Click play to listen to Lindsay’s story of having NO business
to booking her first client and having consistent leads coming in the door!


When I started working with Sara, I was just coming back from putting my business on hold for almost a year due to family matters. I had 0 clients and $0. Now I have a dream OBM Agency with dream clients and a dream team, two courses, mentoring clients, AND a high-level launch package support. It’s really unimaginable what can happen in just a year.

I went from $0 to $23k months in under a year (projecting my first $30k month within the next 3 months) and raised my prices from basically near minimum wage to booking premium clients and packages.

I’ve really learned that I don’t have to work with just everyone, and I get to PICK the people who I want to support, and build my business on my own terms!

Working with Sara changed everything for me and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Brittany Loeser

Working with Sara is the best investment I’ve ever made in my business (and at the time, the first!).

She has shown so much support for myself and my business from day one. After working with Sara I’m now able to step out of an employee mindset and into an entrepreneur mindset. I’m able to give myself breaks during the day, take days off without things blowing up, and with her, I feel like there’s no limit to how much I can grow my business.

When I first started working with Sara I had been saying that I wanted to quit my job for 2 years but I was still making consistent 1-2K months and I knew that wasn’t sustainable to live off of. I came to Sara with the goal of doubling my 9-5 salary which I was able to do in 7 months.

I started working with Sara in August and was able to quit my job in December. I NEVER worry about where my next lead is going to come from and I’ve been asked to be a featured speaker multiple times now to teach others. Sara also helped me launch my course and gave me all the knowledge and information I needed to do so to launch for the first time and right now I have 64 people on the waitlist!

Sara is the best human on this earth and I adore here. She’s one of the most kind, passionate, knowledgeable people I’ve ever met. She changed my business, she helped me be confident, she taught me how to position myself as an expert, she’s supportive in every way, she always has a solution or answer for every question. She is by far the best mentor I could have ever asked for and I plan to work with her for as long as possible.

Becca Martin

I loved working with Sara because she will 100% support you in whatever crazy dream you have and make sure you get there without sacrificing your life (keeping you in check so you don’t burn out) and is there to direct you in the best way that aligns with your goals.

Within the first 3 months of working with Sara, I had a booked out business and constantly have stayed booked out now for 8+ months.

When I first started, I was bringing in around $1600-2k a month with only a few clients who were not ideal, and a year later I have a booked out business with dream clients and I am bringing in $8-10k months. I have easily hired multiple team members so I do not always have to be working in my business.

My business has completely evolved from who I first thought was my ideal client to the clients that showed up wanting my help and turning into dream people I get to work with everyday. I now stay booked out and get to pivot the way I am growing my business with it all being on my own time.

Jennifer Benefiel

My confidence level was pretty low before my work with Sara. Intellectually, I thought I could make my business a success but I didn’t actually feel it in my soul. Now I know that I am in charge of my life and my business. Golden!

My client base has grown and I feel much more confident in making impactful decisions around my business.

I actually TRIPLED my monthly income in the month I worked with Sara! You can’t beat the ROI!

Sara is very real in a world where this quality is so rare. Working with Sara feels like chatting with your best friend, you’re incredibly knowledgable, uber caring, no BS best friend. She shares her knowledge in such a way that it is accessible and digestible.

Sara is an incredibly generous soul who makes you feel special and valued. I certainly hope to take on these qualities and pass them along as well to the people I encounter. Thank you for shining your light, Sara!

Theresa Babylon

Working with Sara is life-changing. Not only was it an amazing investment for the success of my business but working with her has made me a better human.

Sara’s knowledge, motivation, wisdom, and connections helped me to book out my VA services in the first 5 weeks. She’s mentored me for 7 weeks and I already want to cry thinking about what’s going to happen when the four months is up.

Working with Sara was HANDS DOWN the best investment I could have made for myself + my business.

Sara’s mentoring has played an integral role in making my dreams of retiring from my 9-5 and working from home on my terms a reality. And she helped make these dreams happen in weeks, not years!

Maggie Pemberton

What I loved most about working with Sara was the confidence she had in me and my business! She was my biggest cheerleader and supporter as I got my business off the ground and discovered what the online business world was all about.

During my time with Sara, I went from having 1 client to being basically booked out. I went from making a few hundred dollars a month to consistent 2K months with room to grow and make more.

She also taught me how pitch myself to prospective clients and nail discovery calls with ease.

Sara has helped me to see that I am so much more than I can gave myself credit for. I learned so many invaluable skills and tools from her that I know I can implement in both my business and life in general.

I would hands down recommend Sara to any other service provider. She has been a great mentor and anyone can benefit from her and coaching!

Emily Porter

Sara was so motivating! She completely (positively) changed my mindset about my business and enabled me to see our potential. She understood exactly what I needed support with and saw opportunities for growth where I didn’t.

Since working with Sara only three months ago, my team of two full-time VAs is completely booked out! She changed our marketing strategy and helped us approach marketing as business owners instead of employees. Life-changing!

Mentoring sessions with her feel so easy and comfortable — you’re just talking to a friend who is going to help you level up in your biz!

Steph Orosco

Sara is SO easy to talk to! I was a little lost and had reached a point in my business where I had no idea if anything I was doing was right or what the next steps were – and when I started I was a little nervous and I felt almost embarrassed to have lost control of my own business, but within minutes of talking to her, I knew I could come to her with any problem I was having in my business, no matter how bizarre I thought it was.

After 6 months of working with Sara, I more than doubled my income AND in the middle of a pandemic, at that! I realized what clients were right for me, and which ones weren’t, and my entire roster changed to reflect absolute alignment.

I realized that running a business is a little scary by nature, and that the hurdles I experienced were so totally normal, but learning how to move through them instead of panicking, inaction, or burying myself in research or information is a mindset hack that will continue to be invaluable as my business evolves and grows. Thanks to Sara’s guidance, I now know my value, know exactly what my zone-of-genius is, who and how I serve best. My boundaries were non-existent at the time, and are now non-negotiable in my business running as smoothly as possible and at the same time, keeping me sane!

Alina Scarcella

When I came to Sara I was making *maybe* $800-$1000 a month… Now, 6 months later I am bringing in $6,800 a month with ease and grace surrounded with dreamy clients! While a metric F ton of work went into this on my end I don’t believe I would have had the sheer confidence to make this happen on my own!

I was scared as actual F to invest in myself in this way. Literally stalked her online for MONTHS before being unable to NOT click that button.

I am so so so so happy that I made the move, she helped me to create the beginnings of a business that is and will continue to provide my daughter and I with all we would need.

It’s a completely new business. It’s a new life. There would never be enough space to describe how she’s impacted me.

Michele Overholt

Sara’s infectious energy, encouragement and her ability to balance strategy and impactful mindset work truly make her a one of a kind mentor. Working with Sara feels like you have someone solidly in your corner cheering you on and making you feel like the best possible version of yourself. She has a beautiful way of leading you to follow your heart without being pushy and guiding you to your truth but making you think it was you all along (even though she plays a big part in it!)

Sara supported me through booking out my capacity for VA work, building a team and then through a major pivot from virtual assisting to web design.

Along the way, I was able to hit my highest income months and made them my new normal. She helped me to become super confident in my discovery call process and sign clients easily.

My business (and life) are completely changed for the better by working with Sara. She has been the biggest cheerleader every step of the way and has truly become a lifelong friend.

Haylee LaRose

While working with Sara I booked out my client schedule, landed 3 podcast interviews, and built a solid strategy for finding and landing both media features and new clients!

I generally just loved working with Sara. Her confidence is such a helpful motivator and makes me feel more confident in myself and to stand strong in my value and own my sh*t. The work we did together helped me in so many ways but surprisingly it really helped my confidence as well.

My business is set up in a place where I can confidently go after the people I want to work with. Previously I was a bit at a loss as to how I would find new clients because the strategies I had were going after the wrong people where now I know where and how to find my ideal clients which is so priceless!

Frannie Coggeshall

When I started working with Sara, I felt like my business was owning me, not the freedom business we all dream of lol. I thought there was only ONE WAY to scale my business. Together with Sara, I not only discovered what felt in alignment with my values, what clients I wanted to work with and how I wanted to show up in my business, but I also built the confidence to charge what I’m worth, to set boundaries and to say no to projects or clients that don’t feel like the right fit.

Over the last six months working with Sara, I was able to scale to my highest month in business (>8k with no team!), I’m working with my absolute dream clients and I get to spend my afternoons hiking, on my SUP or just reading a book!

Bettina Herz

Starting a business is a daunting task with a never ending list of to-dos, but Sara was able to help me prioritize and focus on the things that would truly make a positive impact on my business bottom line.

I booked 7 discovery calls within 2 weeks of working together, exceeded my financial goals for my first month of business, was booked out by my second month of business and hired my first team member by month 4!

Besides being fully booked, I have honed my offerings so that I’m doing the work I WANT to be doing in the WAY that I want to work. Sara was able to help me define and set clear boundaries for my business and remind me that it was OK to say no to potential clients that didn’t respect those boundaries. She was like my own personal cheerleader rooting for me at every step of the way!

Working with Sara was the best investment I’ve made for my business.

Rachel Peavy

What I loved most about working with Sara was that she provided step by step guidance when you need it and always listens to your issue or problem before providing a suggestion.

In working with Sara, I went from 0 clients and just an idea to 7 clients and 5k months.

Sara helped me understand that I am worthy of running a business and having clients.

Fran Moore

I loved Sara’s authenticity, integrity, her professionalism and her level of knowledge. She always knew how much to push me.

I reached my £3k/month goal in our last month of working together and I now have a team of VAs. Sara helped me start planning a new program that I am launching this year and I am very excited about it.

I feel more confident in my abilities. Sara helped me feel that I can achieve everything I set my mind to in a shorter period of time than I would have if I had done it all on my own.

Roxana Ghita

I loved how Sara looked at me as a whole. In coaching and helping me make decisions Sara always thought about what was right for me, not just the business. She helped me to be kind to myself and create more boundaries between work and home life.

Sara helped me to create boundaries in my business that meant I could show up at my highest level for my clients without feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.

As a result my home life is better because I can be truly present at home with my family.

Before working with Sara I was on the road to burn out, now I have a business I love.

Julieanne Walker

Sara is a perfect blend of mindset + business savvy! She’s experienced as both a service provider and a coach – she’s done what I’m doing and trying to do, so I know I’m getting advice and perspective from a true expert! She’s freakin’ efficient during coaching calls and can easily identify and communicate what she’s seeing.

I feel more confident and clear in what I offer and how I can support others. I feel more confident in marketing myself and telling people why I’m amazing and they need me in their business.

I am so happy that I finally invested time and energy to work with Sara!

Amanda Pruden

Working with Sara really allowed me make a decision to redesign my business by offering less services as VA zoning in on what I love doing, spending more time taking care of myself (quitting all the things), owning my value and gaining confidence that I know that I’m doing (and probably more).

I booked out my services and redesigned my business to only do the things I love doing!

I have narrowed by services down to one offering and I’m working on finishing up a course that will allow me to work with less clients one to one but serve more with all that I know.

I loved that my time with Sara was a no non-sense fluff time but a deep dive into my business – what was working, what wasn’t, what I really wanted, and solid action steps to make it happen. Not only is Sara passionate about what she does but she truly wants you to succeed and create a business that you love.

Kayse Renfro

When I started working with Sara, I was overwhelmed and burning out. I had a full client load, but I was working all the time and truthfully, not all of my clients were a great match.

Since working with Sara, I was able to let some clients go and book out with dream clients.

I love how Sara focuses on celebration. I’m very much goal-oriented, and so this was new to me, but I love bringing celebration into every step forward! I’m also grateful for the work we did on boundaries. I’m a recovering people-pleaser, but I feel more confident in saying no when a request just isn’t possible or saying yes with some boundaries in place.

In my time working with Sara I got booked out, learned to let go of less-than-ideal clients, and got booked out again. I’ve already made twice as much in the first three quarters of 2020 as I did in all of 2019. Sara also helped a lot with time management and helping me to set up my schedule so I’m no longer working all of the time.

Becky McCleery

The amount of personal development that happened working with Sara still BLOWS my mind. I am more confident, more in tuned with myself and what I need both physically and emotionally!

I LOVED that every call I knew I would be getting her honest input even if it is not what I wanted to hear, she pushes you to be the best/happiest version of yourself personally and professionally which makes a MAJOR impact on how well your business functions and the results you see.

I am extremely happy with where I am at with my mindset and that does amazing things for my family life and my business.

Anyone considering working with Sara is definitely doing themselves a disservice by not taking that plunge!

Sydney McGee

I LOVED Sara’s coaching style. She was willing to sit and write content with me, strategically plan out my business and talk me through my mindset blocks. Sara really cares about her clients and the work she does. I think her integrity and wisdom were the things I loved most about working with Sara. She was someone I could lean on and trust.

I grew my following to over 500+ ideal clients with help from Sara’s recommendations.

She also helped me pivot from OBM, what I thought was the next step for my VA biz to what truly LIGHTS me up, coaching other VA’s, SMMs, & Other service providers.

I now feel WAAAAY more confident in my business after working with Sara!

Miranda Toledo

What I love most about working with Sara is her positive attitude + unwavering support. She’s been my biggest cheerleader, sister, friend and mentor. She is always ready with ways to solve the many issues that arise when starting a new business. She is a wealth of knowledge + she actually cares about her clients.

My income grew directly from working with Sara.

She helped me nail discovery calls + close clients. She introduced me to a network of great women who in turned hired me.

Sara provided me with amazing support that gave me the confidence I hadn’t felt in years. She helped me see my own self-worth.

Amy Reed

I actually created a business from ground zero with The Start! I officially have a name and a package of services to offer & it’s really exciting!

I liked how the information was given each week in manageable increments. A lot of VA’s starting out have other full time jobs, careers and families. The Start’s 6 week course was the perfect amount of time to implement each lesson, leaving you feeling accomplished and motivated to continue!

During The Start I actually had 2 discovery calls and booked a client!

The Start has given me the confidence to sell my services, believe in my value & go out there and get it!

Amanda Sparks

This program will give you everything you need to get started as a Virtual Assistant ASAP.

During The Start, I became more confident in pitching myself because I felt like my business was real. Because of that, I booked a paying client while I was still in the program.

My plan was to use the tools I learned in the program to set myself up for success from the beginning and make this business my full-time career.

Within a month of finishing the program, I officially left my 9-5.

And now just 6 short months after beginning The Start I have a booked out roster of clients, just had my biggest month in business yet at $8K and have Discovery Calls still rolling in. I’m in the process of hiring my first intern to keep my business running while I’m on maternity leave.

I am so glad I decided to start my VA business with the support of The Start and 100% recommend it to everyone I know.

Devan Kessler

I love how The Start makes you feel totally equipped and ready to start your virtual business. Sara gives you all the tools and makes it really simple to understand and get started. As a stay-at-home-mom of two, I didn’t think I’d be able to build a business for a long time. But Sara helped me see that I can still have a ton of time to dedicate to my little ones and build a business I love. Sara has a ton of experience in this field and is completely honest about what worked and what didn’t work for her. She keeps it real and it’s refreshing. I know I can trust her advice.

When I began The Start, I had one client- my husband! And now, four months later, I have a full roster of amazing clients I love to work with, I’m hitting consistent $5k months working part time hours, and spending lots of quality time with my kiddos.

The Start gave me all the tools to build my business and confidently reach out to prospects and create sales. Sara helps you start your business AND scale it in a healthy way. She sets you up with important guidelines around boundaries, price increases, referrals and so much more than what I had signed up for. I’m so happy I invested in this program. It’s been a game changer for me!

Nikki Frezza

After doing The Start I had all the foundations I needed to build a business that suited my life. Sara’s lessons were GOLD to me, they were short and sweet and packed with so much value.

Now after putting everything into practice, I’m booked out, only working 10 hours a week with super aligned clients and I’m starting college this month!

I recommend The Start 100% with no doubt! It is life-changing.

Arais Conde

The Start gives you confidence to build a business that works for you. Sara is clear every step of the way that you can build your business any way you want while at the same time offering valuable information around industry standards and best practices that she knows first hand will land you results. This creates the perfect balance to show up boldly for yourself in a way that feels good and confidence that you are building a sustainable + profitable business.

Sara does an amazing job of breaking down the steps you need to start your done-for-you service based business into simple, actionable pieces.

The daily emails help keep you accountable and showing up daily for yourself and your business so you can move your business forward quickly and with ease.

Before beginning The Start, I had no business. No clients, no packages, no idea what services I was even going to offer. After going through the program I now have a suite of service offerings, monthly recurring revenue and leads coming in every week. I had multiple discovery calls and signed my first client, all before even finishing the program. I think the most valuable piece of The Start is the warm leads through Sara’s matchmaking service. When those emails pop into your inbox, shit gets real! It brings your business to life instantly and gives you the opportunity to see what you have been working to create in action.

If you are looking to start a done-for-you service based business and don’t know where to start, this is the program you want to be in.

Lindsay Grooms

The Start is exactly that, a great start to a made for you career. You learn how to set yourself up for continual growth and the only thing in your way is YOU! The investment seems so great when you’re nervous about results, but I made back my investment twofold after just two months! The program was so easy to follow and fit into my busy schedule.

From NOTHING to THRIVING! I started as a very scared 9 to 5er nervous about the unknown and now I can actually say, I. AM. A. VA!

I started receiving client leads as early as week 3! By week 5, and only after my 2nd Discovery Call, I had a signed (PAID) client! By the end of that week, I had my 2nd client!

They are both dream clients that I never would have met without The Start. The program gave me such confidence and Sara gave me the encouragement I needed to keep pushing forward and not selling myself short!

Olyvia Welintukonis

The Start helped me to build a foundation for my business but also helped me learn all the details along the way. I have a better understanding of what it takes to work and a plan to develop what I need to grow my business.

Thanks to The Start I have booked my first official VA role!

Brittany Brock

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