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My Best Tips to Becoming a Content-Writing Queen

Content creation is the achilles heel of online businesses.

It’s the biggest thing most of my newer 1:1 clients and many of our START students get stuck on. Can you relate?

Here’s the thing. You HAVE to write content consistently to market yourself, and in order to make that content work FOR you, it has to be meaningful to the people reading it. And I know how powerful baller-value content has been for my own business and my clients’ businesses.

Keep in mind that writing content gets easier the more you do it, and you have to start and do it imperfectly so you can get better and better. Writing is a new skill for most people and it’s okay if it feels hard. Do it anyway.

Let’s go over tips and tricks to help make you a content writing queen:

Tip #1: Do not worry about filtering your value because you’re afraid to give too much away for free.

Give your knowledge freely and openly through your curated content.

People often think, “No one is going to pay me if I give them too much info for free…so I have to make sure I don’t give too much.”

It’s like they’re saying…”Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?”

This doesn’t apply to content (in my opinion).

My entire business has been built on giving away metric F tons of free value. I’ve been a 6-figure business owner since 2018. So yes, it works.

Here’s why this works:

When you create amazing, valuable content, the right people will realize if you’re giving away that much for free, they’ll get 10x that when they actually become paying clients.

If it takes a ton of free value to help the right people see what an expert you are…that’s a no brainer!

The beauty of having a done-for-you business is you don’t need 1,000 clients this year to make amazing money. You don’t even need 100. As a Virtual Assistant, Online business Manager, Social Media Manager, or Designer, you just need a handful of amazing clients on retainer!

The rest you get to bless with free knowledge because, you know…helping other humans is nice.

Tip #2: Share the problems you’re solving in your clients’ businesses (or in your own if you’re new/don’t have a lot of paying clients yet).

This is the EASIEST way to create value-based content…and it’s also the way to make sure the content you’re sharing is what people actually want to read.

These problems you’re solving are the issues other entrepreneurs need solutions for and will want to hire you to help them with (this is my content secret for 2 minute trainings, y’all!)

I have an endless supply of content ideas because I’m on 1:1 calls or in Slack with clients, on group coaching calls for THE START, and in THE SOURCE community answering questions.

What I know is when one of my clients or students has an issue…one of you has the same issue. What is personal is universal! So I jot down those ideas and bank them for the next time I need content created.

Quick and easy topics for you to start with:

  • When you fix or learn something new in a platform or tool you use

  • When you come up with a new way to post on Facebook

  • When you figure out something new about Instagram

And as you’re writing, remember: People have small attention spans. If you give them too much info, they’ll leave. The smaller the piece of content, the easier it is for someone to take and apply what you’re sharing with them!

And if they do, now they see you as an expert. When you’re the expert, they’re more likely to come back for more content because you’ve proven your value! Then the next time they have a need for what you do, or they hear of someone in their network who needs your type of service, they’re going to hire or recommend YOU.


Tip #3: Create an organized process + system


“Sara…what the hell does that mean?”

Let me explain: If we create a container – both mental and physical – to house all of our ideas, it’s so much easier for you to know what to write about and where to grab inspiration from.

This way, you’re not dreading the “WRITE CONTENT” task on your to-do list each week where you then open up a Google doc and stare at a blinking cursor for 30 minutes, waiting for creativity to strike.

Instead, let’s develop a stupid easy system that doesn’t leave you annoyed or unable to come up with ideas on the spot…

Every time you solve a problem in your business or your clients’ businesses, throw that info into a task in Asana (or whatever project management tool you use) or a Google doc. 

Then, when you’re ready to write your next Instagram post or record a video, you pull up this list of ideas you’ve collected over time. Now, you have a container from which to pull creativity from and make the process of value content SO FREAKING SIMPLE!

You’ll never have to wrack your brain for a new idea because you’re compiling all of the inspired ideas that come to you in your day-to-day life.

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