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How to stand out from the competition in your VA, OBM or SMM business

Often, when you apply for a job, respond to a pitch for hire or find yourself tagged in a post looking for recs, you need to quickly and clearly respond and set yourself apart from your competition.

Essentially, you gotta make yourself look like the BEST candidate for the job (because we know you are 😉).

Well, there are 4 really important things you need to make sure you do as you hit reply and pitch yourself if you want to land the client.

4 ways to stand out from the crowd and make sure YOU get the job

1. Do. Your. Research.

When pitching yourself for a job, make sure you clearly understand what the potential client is looking for and make sure you speak to those points whenever you reach out to throw your name in the hiring hat. Whether you’re responding to a FB post, submitting a job application or sending an email… make sure you’ve done your research and know *exactly* what the client wants. Then, communicate why you’re best human for the job.

I saw this play out in a BIG way as I was going through applications for the beta round of my program, The Start. In the application, I clearly stated that I was looking to take a few VAs, OBMs or SMMs from brand new baby businesses to full fledge booming businesses in just 6 weeks.

Meaning, I wasn’t looking to hire those who told me they’ve been in business for 6 years… or have a full client roster… or are totally sold out 🤦‍♀️

Do your research and make sure you speak to THE thing that a potential client is looking for and wanting to get. Pay attention to what a potential client is asking for and make sure you convey that you’re the person who can best fit the bill!

2. Focus on RESULTS.

The #1 way to stand out from the crowd (that most people *aren’t* actually doing right now) is to make sure your application (or email or FB message or DM on the ‘gram) is geared toward the result the human potentially hiring you wants to get.

(Let this one sink in for a moment. Cause it’s super duper important!)

You are in the business of results. Meaning, the person potentially hiring you as a VA, OBM or SMM wants to get a certain result from that work. Maybe they want more time for life. Maybe they want more engagement on social media. Maybe they want more humans to see their content. Maybe they want sales conversions or audience growth or whatever else.

Your job when pitching yourself is to make sure you know the results that potential client wants to see… AND communicate how you’ll help make that happen.

For example, when hosting applications to join the beta round for The Start, I noticed a lot of the responses to the questions I asked were about those applying… so that not enough responses talked about the result I was trying to get. (Aka, I was looking for a few of my fellow sisters to help me make this the BEST program on the planet and I wanted their feedback to do it!)

When you’re responding to a FB post or filling out a job application or even taking a discovery call, make sure you talk about the result the person potentially hiring you most wants to get.

After all, this is why you’re being hired in the first place, right? Show all those potential clients out there just how much YOU can get them the result they really want. (And why you’re absolutely perfect for the job 💃)

3. Be about the client.

Most often, VAs, OBMs and SMMs are getting clients through applications, referrals, direct outreach or tags in a thread on social, right?

Well, this means that the way YOU are going to stand out against the crowd (and sign wayyyy more clients) is by doing things a little bit differently than a coach (for example) would do.

Specifically, you gotta make sure your application (or pitch, response, etc.) is about your potential client *instead of* just about you or the job.

(I know, I know, this may sound contradictory but hear me out!)

Way too often, I see done-for-you service providers modeling their businesses and their marketing plans around the coaching model. And I’m sharing this with you today because doing this will make you miss out on clients, cash and more ease in your business like WOAH.

You see, if you want to make sure you’re signing the right clients (so that you can make more money with more ease), then you need to make every single one of your outreach efforts about your potential client. Sure, tell them what you do and what makes you great and what results you get but ALSO make sure you communicate why you want to work for them specifically.

For example, you might want to say something like this to a potential client to show why exactly you want the job… “Hi XX, I love the work you’re doing in this world to help moms create online businesses that better support their needs at home. I have a child and it was so hard for me to find flexible work, which is actually why I started my SMM business. You totally touched my heart and that makes such a difference to me. Nothing makes me happier than when I truly believe in a client’s work and I most definitely do with you! I think we’re a perfect fit.”

When you do this and you make it about THEM, you get the job every 👏 single 👏 time.

4. Share something personal.

This tip is kinda like the icing on top of a well-crafted pitch cake because it humanizes you. It gives the potential client a glimpse into the person *behind* the business.

And frankly… we hire PEOPLE not BUSINESSES.

After all, my love, you are not *just* an online business owner. First and foremost, you’re a PERSON. (A pretty special, wonderful one at that.) Make sure you’re showing your potential clients a little bit of who YOU are so that they can get to know you and connect on a more personal level, too.

For example, if I was applying for a job or trying to stand out from the crowd, this is what I would say: “Outside of running two successful online business, I’m a mother, Crossfitter, champagne enthusiast and four letter word connoisseur.”

As a done-for-you service provider, it really is important that you stand out from the crowd. Specifically, when you’re applying for a job or pitching your services, we need to make sure you’re SEEN (ya know, so you can be HIRED).

The best way to do that is to do your research, be about results, focus on the client and sharing something personal.

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