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The 4 reasons you aren’t signing more clients in your VA, OBM or SMM biz

As a mentor for done-for-you service providers, I see ALL the ways in which we keep ourselves stuck. And without fail MOST of the ways in which we keep ourselves stuck have to do with sales.

Meaning, I see all the reasons VAs, OBMs and SMMs aren’t signing more clients and making more money in their businesses. And I KNOW how defeating a place this can be since you feel like you’re doing #allthethings without seeing #alltheresults.

So, if you find yourself wishing and praying you could sign another client — like yesterday — then settle into a comfy chair and grab a hot cup o’ joe.

We’re chatting about the FOUR reasons you aren’t signing more clients in your done-for-you biz. The best part? To change that, all you gotta start doing is the opposite!

 The 4 reasons you aren’t signing more clients in your VA, OBM or SMM biz 

1. You aren’t persistent enough.

If you want to make more sales, sign more clients and increase the income in your biz, then you gotta pull out your laptop, open your inbox and get to craftin’ a pretty little follow-up note.

‘Cause the #1 reason you aren’t signing more clients is because you are NOT persistent enough.

You see, most business owners are hiring service providers because they are low on time. That means it’s up to YOU to step in and help them out by following up (multiple times) and reminding them how you’re there to help.

It’s super duper likely that the person you want to support is overwhelmed and overworked and has 8375639 emails in their inbox. If you really want the job, make sure to keep 👏 following 👏 up.

Seriously, the reason some of my clients score AMAZING job opportunities is BECAUSE they’re more persistent than anyone else!

2. You aren’t asking for the sale.

Want to make more money? Want to sign more clients? Want to serve more badass biz owners?

👉👉👉 Make sure you ASK for the sale!

I know, I know, it sounds so simple, right? But I promise you, MOST VAs, OBMs and SMMs are *not* regularly asking for the sale and they sure as heck aren’t FOLLOWING UP to ask for it either.

A lot of the work I do with clients 1:1 is around discovery calls. And a biiiig part of helping them feel calm, cool and collected when meeting with potential clients is helping them find a way to ask for the sale at the end of the call *without* sounding sleazy.

You see, you don’t want to say… “yo girl, you wanna hire me or what?”.. But you DO need to figure out how to ask for the sale directly so that you can (1) get the sale or (2) know exactly how you need to follow up.

‘Cause, #spoileralert: If you’re still assuming that all sales happen after one touch point you are losing out on SO many sales, sister! You just gotta keep asking!

P.S. Want to master the three phases of a discovery call and know exactly what to do at each phase so that you can rock your calls and convert more clients?! Grab my “discovery calls without doubt” masterclass here.

3. You aren’t confident.

Wondering why you can’t seem to sign more clients as a VA, OBM or SMM? Could it be because you’re not showing up as an expert or authority in your space?

In other words, could your LACK of confidence be slowing you down and holding you back?

Here’s what I need you to know about sales in your business. NOBODY makes sales when they’re not confident. People make sales when they can confidently say, “I see your problem and I am part of your solution.”

I mean, BAM, right?! Total power punch!

And if you don’t fully believe me, just think about the last time you made a purchase (such as working with a coach, buying a template, investing in a course, etc.). Chances are that one of the main reasons you invested in that product or service was because that person or brand correctly identified your problem AND was confident in their ability to solve it.

I know it can be easy as women and done-for-you service providers to undervalue our services and think we’re simply support or admin or whatever else. But the truth is… The person you are trying to serve LITERALLY could not run their biz without you.

Step into that confidence and show up with it throughout social media, discovery calls, direct outreach and everywhere else.

Because if you remember nothing else, remember this. People hire confident people. Be more confident and you’ll make more sales!

4. You aren’t building relationships.

Imma let you in on one of the best #moneymakin’ #clientsignin’ secrets around… It becomes SO much easier to sell (and, in fact, people start to sell FOR you) when you focus on building real relationships.

Meaning, if you’re ONLY prioritizing the sale and aren’t ALSO prioritizing the relationship, then you’re gonna stall out and find yourself wondering where the heck all the clients are at.

Instead of showing up in a potential client’s DMs with guns blazing ready to only and always talk about yourself and your offers… show up authentically and truly care about the people you want to work with.

Because when you do that? When you build real relationships? You end up selling WAY more!

Just think about someone you know who runs a biz. Aren’t you way more likely to refer or hire this person simply because of your relationship? (Hint: I have a feeling you damn well are 😉)

So, be persistent, ask for the sale, show up with confidence and build real relationships. THAT’S how you start signing more clients in your VA, OBM or SMM biz!

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