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How to sign your first or next client as a VA or OBM

Aside from how to start an online business, the second most common question I get is, “How the heck do I find paying clients?!”

What most people focus on doing to sign clients (that doesn’t work):

  • Creating a logo

  • Launching a website

  • Re-writing their website copy 84285708 times.

Why do we do this?!

The tasks that REALLY help you sign clients are not the easy or safe ones. They’re the ones that work, yet people still avoid them because they’re new and uncomfortable.

Side note: When I started my VA biz in 2017 and replaced my corporate salary in less than two months, I didn’t have a website or logo…just sayin.

With that said, here are my 3 steps to ACTUALLY sign paying clients ASAP:

Step 1: Market your business with a metric f ton of value that people want to read consistently

Value is not “5 reasons you need a virtual assistant” or “2 ways an OBM can help you grow your business.”

Value IS an easy IG hack, a Google drive tip, or a strategy lesson – something someone can use to make their business or life better right now (BEFORE hiring you).

People are inundated with content and noise. You have to make your value high-quality and easy to read and implement if you want it to work, a.k.a. convert into paying clients.

High-quality content doesn’t mean long and complicated. The more bite-sized and helpful your value is, the more likely your reader will implement it, come back for more, and hire you when they’re ready!

Step 2: Build relationships with people you eventually want to work with

Before we pitch to someone, we need to start building a relationship with them. You do this on Instagram by:

  • Commenting on their stories

  • Commenting on posts in their feed

  • Sharing value on your feed and stories

When you’ve identified folks you want to serve in a paid capacity, you have to nurture them before you cold pitch them (because those are icky sticky!).

Then, before you pitch and make an ask, GIVE THEM SOMETHING.

If you’re a podcast manager, go leave a review on that person’s podcast before you pitch.

If you’re a Pinterest manager, go to their Pinterest account and tell them how they can update their bio for better results before you pitch to them.

If you’re a VA, OBM, or social media manager, share a new feature rollout (like the tons of new one on Instagram) before you pitch.

GIVE something for free to your ideal client that takes a minimal amount of your time. This shows them you really understand the industry and the level of service you provide is high-quality, high-care, and high-touch.

They’re way more likely to listen to whatever happens next in the convo – whether it’s continuing to build the relationship or a pitch – because you served them well for free!


If you don’t have the full client roster you want, you need to be pitching.

Pitching your services scares the living shit out of a lot of people because most of us have only been sold to in a gross way…so, they assume that’s the only way to do it. FALSE!

Craft a pitch that:

  • Clearly indicates how you can help the potential client get results

  • Shows the value you specifically bring to the table (versus every other VA, OBM, or SMM)

  • Tells them what they need to do next if they want to take next steps (ex: Book a Discovery Call).

It doesn’t have to be scary, but that won’t change unless you start doing it! This is why I have so many pitching scripts for my clients, members, and students in my paid containers. It makes this easy enough for them to feel more comfortable around doing it.

If you can’t get uncomfortable and start pitching, you’re leaving money on the table – AND business owners who could really use your help!

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