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3 Missing Pieces in Your Online Marketing Plan

If you’re wanting to increase revenue, sign more clients, or launch more services, it’s time to take a look at your existing marketing plan and potentially shift some of your strategies to be in alignment with your goals.

As James Wedmore says, “What got you here won’t get you there.” If you want different results, you need to do different things!

Let’s take a look at what the missing elements in your marketing plan might be, and how to make those changes now for more Yeses from potential clients:


You have to know who you’re talking to.

If you are an online business manager, virtual assistant, social media manager, or any type of done-for-you service and you’ve created consistent revenue months, you’re officially scaling! YAY YOU!

You’ve served enough clients now that you have the data, knowledge, and information to start more narrowly targeting new clients based on the clients you love serving.

If you’re still newer with your business, your entire job is to gain as much knowledge, experience, and information by serving as many paying clients as possible. In order to give you the best chance at that, the beginning of biz not the time to niche as a done-for-you service provider – it’s time to work with anyone who will hire you!

Then, once you are at the scaling phase (consistent clients, consistent revenue), what you want is to get more clients who are better suited for you, your business, and your life moving forward.

So how do you figure out who those people are? You look back at the clients you have who ARE a fit for you. Take the people you’ve loved working for and figure out the similarities between what they do. Sometimes it’s an industry (wedding, online coaching, ecommerce), but more often than not, your niche has nothing to do with an industry. It has way more to do with a personality type that you enjoy working with most – and who truly values the work you do.

Once you identify this niche, you can confidently target them. You have a much higher chance of converting them to paying clients because you know what their needs are, what they struggle with, and how to solve those problems. AND, you’re eager to do it.

Examples of potential new niche:

  • Female online business owners who have multiple products and services and need a ton of customer service support (you love doing this and they don’t)

  • Coaches who have successful practices but who have done it all themselves and need to up-level their tech and systems.

Take some time to sit down and figure out where your strengths lie, and where they intersect with the people you most love to serve – then look for more of them!


The fact that there are more and more done-for-you service providers coming online every day isn’t an issue if you have a marketing plan that’s different than that old-school, no-results that most people are executing on. Make yourself stand out, and you can book more clients than ever before.

If getting more clients and creating more revenue is on your HELL YES list, you need a targeting and nurturing strategy! You need to be consistently reaching out to the right people and giving yourself the highest chance of converting them into paying clients, without being sleazy! I’m seeing this across the board with clients and it’s the reason we’ve updated and shifted so many of their marketing strategies and they’re seeing big results!

Two years ago all you had to do was be the person to pitch (even if it was a gross pitch) because so few people were pitching. Now, EVERYONE is pitching, but so few are doing it well. Who hasn’t experienced the “Hey girl, love what you do and your message, if you’re looking for XYZ I would love to work with you! Click here to book a call!” pitch?

The problem here? It’s not personalized, you can tell it’s been sent to 856248208 people, and you know that person has no clue what you do. You read those super impersonal pitches and you can sniff out the inauthenticity and copy+paste strategy a mile away, right?

If getting more clients and creating more revenue is on your HELL YES list for 2020, you need a targeting and nurturing strategy that works, ASAP. You need to be consistently reaching out to the right people and giving yourself the highest chance of converting them into paying clients, without being sleazy.

Here’s what DOES work – a new strategy that involves:

  • Doing your homework on the person before you pitch.

  • Prioritizing creating a relationship with someone instead of just selling.

This will give you the highest chance of converting them into paying clients. Every pitch should be personalized and feel authentic.

Business growth in 2020 is ALL about the relationships you’re forming!


So how do we form those relationships, AND ensure conversion? If you want to give your pitch a fighting chance, make it about your potential client before you ever make it about you! If you can do that, they are way more likely to read whatever you have to say next. If you go in talking about yourself or your biz or offer first, people turn their ears off.

Be personal! Dig into the person before you even consider sending them a pitch. What’s their business about? What kind of clients do they work with? What problems do they help people solve? What are their interests? When you do send the pitch, say something specific about THEM and focus on creating a connection.

I work with a broad range of clients from those who are just starting their businesses, all the way up to clients who are at or above the 6-figure income mark, so I have a front-row view of what does and doesn’t work when it comes to pitching to potential clients.

And yes, pitching IS required if you want to make more sales and revenue this year!

It’s time to say out with the old, in with the new when it comes to your marketing tactics – and the new means actual GROWTH for you on all fronts in your business!

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