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How to Calculate Your Business Capacity




















If you’re like most women I have the honor of supporting, you have (or want) an online business because you need a career that works better for your life.

Yes money is important, but freedom and flexibility are just as if not MORE important.

So that’s why my approach to online business is different.

Because if the goal is to create a business that truly works for your life, then we have to consider your life in our business planning.

We have to start with your unique CAPACITY.

So what is capacity?

It’s how much time and energy you can dedicate to your business.

When I talk about capacity, I encourage you to consider the other factors in your life that require your time or mental energy, too. Just because on paper it looks like you can work 30 hours a week doesn’t mean you’ll have the mental capacity for it based on other places you’re spending energy outside of business.

A few places you might be using time or mental energy outside your business that could affect your capacity in business:

  • Self-care/health/wellness
  • Childcare/care for others
  • Mental health/therapy/healing work
  • Other desires you have in life (you don’t have to use all your time to work, ps)
  • The mental load you carry if you belong to a marginalized group

Now that you’ve considered other factors in your life, let’s calculate YOUR business capacity.

Look at your LIFE, day by day and figure out how much time you  have to work in your business.

For me, I look at the hours of childcare I have each week and then subtract driving time, meals, and other things I desire to do during those hours like exercise or reading or doing other productive at all.

What I’m left with is my business capacity.

Note that my desires, priorities and obligations are factored in FIRST and the hours I have to work are what’s left over.

This is how create a business that truly work for your life.

Now you can use that number to know how many hours per week you can dedicate to your business or to sell in packages or retainers so you don’t go OVER your capacity and end up burnt to a crisp.

Have you figured out your capacity?


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