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4 Foolproof Ways to Get Results in Your Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager Business

Here’s the truth:

I don’t know of any business owner who is doing the things I’m going to talk about below and isn’t getting huge results.

And every time I work with a client who isn’t getting results, we can 100% tie it to one of these key components missing in their strategy:


If you’re reading this and want to sign clients…START MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS CONSISTENTLY RIGHT NOW!

This looks different for every business owner – there’s no right or wrong way, only the right way for you.

But what’s true across the board is you need to be where your ideal client is + where you like to show up. Your ideal client is likely on multiple platforms.

Pick the platform that YOU most enjoy because if you pick one you don’t have fun with, you won’t show up there. This could be Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, a referral network, personal/past professional network, in-person events…you have options.

Some of my clients don’t use social media to market themselves, but they do have a solid referral network and system set up for it so that’s their marketing strategy.

Here’s the kicker: It takes 90 days to see results from a marketing strategy (on average). 

Think about your own buying patterns – how often do you need to see a product or service before buying it?

People need to be introduced to you/your business/what you do MULTIPLE TIMES before they buy. So do you!

This is why the consistency in marketing is so important. If you start and stop or don’t do it – no one is going to buy because you’re not getting in front of their eyes enough!


In general, pitching and selling scares the shit out of women.

I was there once, too!

I hate to break it to you but…if you’re running a business right now and you’re sitting on less-than-stellar results, you’re going to have to care more about getting the results than you do about what other people think/your fear around selling. 

Attraction marketing is great, but it’s only going to get you so far. And if you don’t have the results you want, it means that something isn’t working.

As a done-for-you service provider, I’m going to assume you don’t have a big email list. So the only place to pitch people is by using one of the social media platforms you’re on.


1. Identify your ideal client
2. Nurture them on social media/build a relationship/engage with their content for 2-3 weeks
3. Then you pitch!

What you pitch depends on your goals, time, and capacity. Some options are:

  • Your retainer or high-ticket, high-commitment offers

  • Your low ticket items like training, consulting, intensive calls, etc.

  • A free call (surprise, surprise – this one works best!)

There are so many ways to do this and it depends on what you do and what your target market does. Your job is to figure that out and do it!

The people with the big results and big numbers are probably selling 3x as much as you are. Want more results? SELL!


Mindset is probably the largest determiner of your success. Yes, I said it.

If you believe something is possible and you spend more of your time hyping yourself up than you do telling yourself that you can’t…you will do the thing you set out to do.

Start the business.
Scale the business.
Create the results.
Whatevs it may be.

Mindset can sound like a woo woo hippie term, but it’s really super fucking simple.: We want to rewire your brain from doubting yourself to believing in yourself. 

And we want to create a new habit around you consciously choosing your thoughts and internal self-talk versus listening to your inner mean girl.

Here’s how to start a simple mindset practice. This entire process (once set up) will take you 5 minutes or less each day:

1. Set a calendar reminder for first-thing in the morning when you wake up and label it “GRATITUDE + AFFIRMATIONS”

2. In the notes section of your calendar reminder, write a list of affirmations that:

  • You already believe and want to continue to affirm (ex: “miracles happen daily”)

  • You want to believe to be true, but you don’t fully yet (ex: “it’s easy for me to sell my services”)

3. Then say 3 things you’re grateful for in that moment. It might be that your bed is comfy or that there’s coffee in the other room waiting for you. Nothing is too big or too small.

And that’s it! Pay attention to your attitude during the days and see if you notice a change! I always do.


So what if you’re doing all three of the above points and you feel confident with them, but you’re still not getting results?

Something is off. It’s time to find someone who has already done the thing you want to do in business and hire them to help you figure out how the heck to do it. They’ll be able to compress your success timeline and help you side-step pesky traps.

I’ve had a coach for two years and it’s a huge part of the reason I’ve created so much success. I found someone who:

  • Already knew how to play the game

  • Already knew how to create success online

  • Already had big results

And I hired her to show me how I could do it for myself. It doesn’t matter what price you pay or what program you invest in, whether it’s a course, 1:1 coaching, a mastermind, or a membership. What matters is you find the level of support that works for YOU!

And my most important piece of advice for investing in support: Whoever you invest in should:

  1. Have proven results.

  2. Have more than a year of experience under their belt.

  3. Be someone who runs their business in alignment with the way you want to run your business, too.

Which of these are you going to tackle first (if not all of them)?

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