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3 Ways to Get Clients (+ Make Money) as a Virtual Assistant

I started my Virtual Assisting business in March of 2017 and within 4 weeks I had filled my roster and replaced my 9-5 income 🎉. Online businesses are popping up each day, and the need for Virtual Assistants will only grow as more of our world population comes online.

So, you’re probably thinking “yeah that’s cool Sara, but how do I replicate your success and make money with MY Virtual Assistant business?”.

I’ve gotcha girl!

Here are 3 ways to get clients (+ make money) as a Virtual Assistant:

1. Hang out in Facebook groups.

This is my #1 tip and it’s so successful you should be RUNNING to Facebook right now. Go find some entrepreneurial Facebook groups (here are a few suggestions: 1,2,3). Hang out in there to understand who is there and what their business needs are. When someone asks for a recommendation for a VA, respond! When someone asks for tech help (something that often happens in these groups) help them! When one of these group members runs a free challenge, ENTER IT! That’s actually how I got my first 2 clients, just by entering a challenge and giving tons of free value.

2. Use your network.

I know VAs whose clients come entirely from a business I know NOTHING about. Examples of this include realtors, lawyers, MLMs and writers. While most of my business comes from online entrepreneurs that is DEFINITELY not the only space where business owners are hirings VAs. Use your professional + personal network (via email, Facebook, Linkedin) to let people know you’re open for business and that you’d love to help them.

3. Take a client on trade.

My 3rd client was one I took on trade and it was so beneficial. She had a product and service based business and we traded services for a few months in addition to a stellar testimonial and referrals.  Taking on this client helped me get more experience with a platform that I didn’t know much about (Instagram), add another testimonial to my website and book more clients from her referrals. Win-win!

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