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The 2 biggest things every Virtual Assistant should know

Whether you want to start a VA or OBM business, or scale an existing done-for-you biz with a new product or offering, there are two things you need to know that are crucial to your success at every level.

Not only will knowing these two things shorten your path to clients, consistent cash months, and a sustainable, booked-out biz, but these short ‘n sweet tidbits will ALSO help you enjoy the ride along the way.

I know you’re here for the business that supports your life and THIS is how you make that business happen.

The 2 biggest things every Virtual Assistant should know:

1. You have to become comfortable being uncomfortable… and start BEFORE you’re ready.

Pull up a chair, kids. It’s story time.

When I started my VA biz back in 2017, I didn’t know how to have a VA biz (and do the work I wanted to do for clients) and I definitely didn’t know how to run a VA biz (and get clients, set up systems, and make consistent money).

But you know what?

I did it ANYWAY.

Because I knew I wanted a better life and career for myself and for my family (that didn’t involve way too much work in an office for way too little pay) and I also knew I could use my BFF, Google, to learn how to do anything I didn’t yet know.

Today, I mentor done-for-you service providers all day long from all different walks of life so I get a really up close and personal view of what’s going on in their minds at all stages of business.

While some of them don’t have direct experience that would relate to a VA or OBM business, there are some who have special certifications, advanced degrees, and way more skills than I first brought to the table in my VA biz.

And even they STILL don’t feel ready.

Back in ‘17, I only knew how to post a blog post to WordPress, use Canva (at a basic level), and post to social media. But I decided that if I had already learned those skills by using Googs, then I could learn more.

Remember, your brain will always tell you that you need more. More skills. More certifications. More degrees. But the truth of the matter is this: You are NEVER going to feel ready. (And so, stop waiting until you do.)

Start the biz.
Launch the product.
Bring on the team.

You know enough. You’ll figure out how. You can learn as you go.

2. Most people won’t make 6-figures their first year in online business. AND THAT’S OK!

While it might seem like you’re supposed to enter the online world and blow up in 2.2 seconds with 5-figure months and 6-figure years right out the gate, only a small percentage of new business owners grow that big, that fast.

Sure, it’s fun to hear stories of business owners who make six and even seven-figures in less than a year, but these stories are NOT common. Most people who start businesses are on a slow-but-steady trajectory, so that they start, make money, serve some clients, use that data to get more focused, launch a new offering, raise prices, make more money, and so on and so forth.

And this is the thing you might not realize.

More people follow THIS slow churn path than the mega-flashy-results-right-out-of-the-gate path.

So, even though we like the stories that make it seem like things are supposed to move insanely fast (usually because we’re looking for an escape from something that currently isn’t working, right?), remember that NOT making 6-figures your first year in business doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong.

In fact, I’m here to tell you once and for all that as long as you’re still showing up and working to create the business you desire, you’re doing just fine and you’re well on your way to everything you want and more.

All you have to do is let your journey take its time… and KEEP showing up *even if* you’re not getting those mega results right now.

It takes time to build a business that truly works for your life and not only is that okay but it’s required if you want your work to support your life.

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