Sara - On table

Why hello there!

I’m Sara

I’m a former corporate event planner turned Virtual Assistant turned CEO of The Start and Grow Co.

You can usually find me with a drink in hand (coffee Mon-Thurs, martinis on Friday) and dogs at my feet. Living life and working in between.

I’d tell you that I never intended to help thousands of women grow their businesses…

…but that would simply not be true.

My First Plan:

Rise the ranks of my corporate event planning career and show the world how well women could lead.

But as I was pumping through my button-down in an empty conference room on a work trip, I realized my dream needed a makeover.

I still wanted to prove that women could lead like the best of them. But I also desperately wanted to spend more time with my son, Max.

My Second Plan:

So, I leaned into creating a business that allowed me to work from my couch.

Within the first year, I had hit 6+figures and hired 8 employees.

And was working more hours than I had in corporate. With the added bonus of regular anxiety attacks and having my therapist on speed-dial.

So, I started over. Again.

And built a business that allows me to impact thousands of women. 

Without working more than 25 hours each week.

I’m proud to say that that business has almost surpassed $2M in lifetime revenue and is still climbing.

But I’m MORE PROUD to say that I’ve been there while my son grows up, have stopped experiencing anxiety attacks, and am able to serve my clients from the abundance I have, rather than the stress I had.

My not-so-secret Superpower:


Sara - Whiteboard

I’m the master of taking the nearly-unattainable dreams

and breaking them down into bite-sized steps. 

Taking you from idea to reality much faster than you could on your own.

Ready to make your dreams reality?

A few of my favorites:


⚡️ Harry Potter Series
💪 Untamed
🙏 When Things Fall Apart
📖 Anything by Mary Oliver and Cleo Wade


Retail Stores

🏃‍♀️ Lululemon
🛍️ Nordstrom
📚 Any bookstore I can get lost in



🧁 Great British Bake Off
💘 Love is Blind
💾 The Office


🥡 Pad Thai
🍣 Sushi
🤓 Nerds Clusters
☕️ A Lavender Oat Milk Cappuccino



🥖 To take my son to Paris
🏝️ To visit French Polynesia
🐶 To adopt all the dogs in the world



🌴 Maui and Kauai are pure magic
🍝 Tuscany
🇫🇷 Paris