It’s time to build that
Life-First Business® you set out to create in the first place

I’ll help you 10X your income in half the time.  Without missing a single family movie night in the process.

I converted 66% of my waitlist and sold WAY more than I ever thought I would.

Get ready

We’re about to break nearly every rule in the patriarchal business book

Because you and I both know the current business model just isn’t doing it for ya.

You wanted a business that allowed you to live your life, not one that required you to reply to work emails at your kid’s soccer game.

And contrary to top Bro Marketing advice: You won’t get there by hustling more.

The truth is that you really can make the income and impact you’ve been working so hard for.

Even if you have a few littles running around (the human or furry kind). Or only work part-time hours. Or can’t stand to show your face on Instagram.

(Yes. You really can run a profitable business without Instagram. 😉)

All you need is to start generating work that serves your life — not the other way around.

Ready to create your Life-First Business®?

Hey, I’m Sara


I’m a strong believer that coffee-stained yoga pants are an acceptable uniform, 4-letter-words are the best, and that Dulce Vida Organic Tequila was practically invented for toasting those #Friyay wins.

I’m also living proof that creating a Life-First Business® is possible.

Back in 2015, I quit my corporate events career and built a business so I could spend more time with my baby son, Max.

The first business I built was super successful on paper, but didn’t give me that freedom and flexibility I desperately wanted. Plus, it had me in the fetal position on the bathroom floor wondering why I'd started a business only to become the world's worst boss to myself.

So I started over.

And I’m proud to say that second business has been a massive win for my life as well as my bank account.

Working part-time hours, I’ve built my business to nearly $2 million in lifetime revenue, and supported hundreds of students to build businesses that fit their lives through my programs.

It’s a business that allows me to impact the lives of thousands without sacrificing my own.

And now it’s your turn. So, pull up a chair…

Sara Popout - Journaling

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